If you need to reach us for help, please see our Contact page. Or peruse our Frequently Asked Questions below.

Due to rights restrictions, KCTS 9 must limit the availability of its video livestreams. We allow free access to anyone visiting our website from within our Greater Seattle broadcast area -- if you can watch KCTS 9 over-the-air, you should be able to stream it via the website.  And KCTS 9 members are allowed to view our livestreams from anywhere within the United States.

Unfortunately, we currently do not have rights to livestream to Canada.  We are working on that.

If our system made a mistake about your location, please contact us and we will work to correct the error.

KCTS 9 uses two layers of geolocation services to determine where visitors are located.  Our first check relies on your IP address, which is largely accurate but not perfect. If we think you are outside of our local broadcast area, the website will ask your permission to run a second, more accurate check.  If that doesn’t solve your problem, please contact us for assistance.