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KCTS 9 Passport is better with Roku

Our new Roku app is the best way to enjoy all appetizing food programs, applause-worthy live performances and appealing prestige shows that come with your KCTS 9 Passport member benefit. The first step is becoming a member. 

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Are you one of the growing number of KCTS 9 members who watch their favorite programs with a Roku streaming device? We have good news for you: Our brand-new KCTS 9 Roku App is now available! 

So, what’s a Roku?

A Roku is a device that connects to your television — or which is built-in to some TVs — which lets you run video apps like Netflix, Disney+ and, now, the KCTS 9 app.

There are two ways to download

  • Visit the Streaming Channels section of your Roku device and search for "KCTS 9."
  • Visit our channel page on and install directly to your device from there (requires login).

Now it's time to activate the app!

If you’re already a KCTS 9 Passport member you are just a few short steps away from viewing world-class dramas, documentaries and more! (Not a member? Use the form above to join.)

  • On your Roku app, find the activation screen by clicking on "Already a Member?" from the Passport screen.  Note the activation code.
  • On, log in with the account linked to your KCTS 9 Passport membership.
  • Navigate to and enter the activation code from your Roku into the website form.

In a few seconds, you should be ready to stream! 

Here's a video detailing the process:

Need help?

If you have any trouble activating the KCTS 9 Roku app, we’re here to help. Contact our donor and audience relations team Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. And, visit for Roku answers anytime!