Play DNC chair shakes up staff, Ivanka Trump's new job

Staff at the Democratic National Committee were asked to resign this month as the new Chair Tom Perez tries to regroup after the 2016 election. The Senate will vote next week on Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch. Even with two Democratic votes, he still faces a filibuster. President Trump’s Daughter Ivanka is taking an official, unpaid job in the West Wing.

Play Democrats plan to filibuster Gorsuch

After several days of hearings for Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch, Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer announced plans to filibuster his nomination. Many Democrats remain frustrated by the Senate’s refusal to move forward on President Obama’s nominee Merrick Garland last year. Plus, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is planning to skip a NATO meeting next month.

Play Two federal courts block new travel ban

Two federal courts have prevented President Trump's revised executive order banning travel from six Muslim-majority countries. Trump defended the "watered down" plan and vowed to fight it, but many American businesses are wary of Trump's immigration plan. Plus, Trump visited the Nashville home of former President Andrew Jackson and praised his populist Democratic predecessor.

Play Massive cuts to HUD budget, Huntsman as Russian ambassador

In President Trump's proposed budget, the Department of Housing and Urban Development could lose $6 billion and would cut housing and meal assistance. The State Department's budget could be cut by 37 percent. Former Ambassador to China and Utah Gov. Jon Huntstman, a notable Trump critic during the campaign, has been tapped by the president as the new ambassador to Russia.

Play Trump inaugural pastor helps undocumented immigrants

Sam Rodriguez, Jr., the pastor who delivered a prayer at Donald Trump's inauguration, is setting up a safe haven for undocumented immigrants at his Sacramento church. With uncertainty about Trump's immigration policies, Rodriguez says half a dozen families have sought refuge at his church. Also, President Trump delivered his first address to a joint session of Congress this week.

Play Latino activists fight Trump's agenda

As President Trump prepares to deliver a joint address to Congress, Hispanic political leaders are meeting in Washington to figure out how to combat his agenda on immigration and deportations. Democrats are picking a new leader for their party who will have to focus on winning back control of Congress and state houses across the country.

Play FBI director briefs Intel Committee, VP Pence's role

During his first press conference, President Trump had a much-discussed interaction with reporter April Ryan who asked the president if he intended to consult the Congressional Black Caucus about his urban agenda. Plus, in the aftermath of the firing, Dan Balz discusses the role of Vice President Mike Pence in the White House and as a liaison to Congress.

Play Angry constituents pack Congressional town halls

Republican and Democratic lawmakers are facing angry constituents in town hall meetings across the country. Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz was booed and faced shouts of "Do your job!" during a town hall in Utah. Is this the beginning of a new movement that mirrors the tea party? Plus, Kellyanne Conway, a key adviser to Trump, is facing ethics questions after promoting Ivanka Trump products.

Play Tillerson arrives at State, Conway's role in the White House

After being confirmed by the Senate, Rex Tillerson arrived a the State Department this week to begin shaping American foreign policy. Plus, inside Trump's White House, his campaign manager Kellyanne Conway is a key voice for the president. And Senate Democrats debate whether or not they should try to block the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

Play Trump acts on Muslim ban and is set to name SCOTUS nominee

Late Friday, President Donald Trump signed an executive order to freeze refugee visas from several primarily Muslim countries. The new president is also expected to name his choice to fill the seat on the Supreme Court left vacant by the death of Antonin Scalia nearly one year ago. His list is reportedly down to three finalists, all white men.

Play First Trump nominees confirmed, Clinton attends inauguration

Two of President Donald Trump's cabinet nominees were confirmed by the Senate Friday -- Defense Secretary James Mattis and Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly. Plus, Trump's one-time rival Hillary Clinton attended the inaugural ceremony and received a standing ovation during the post-inaugural luncheon.

Play Obama says farewell and awards Biden Medal of Freedom

As President Obama prepares to leave office after eight years, he delivered an emotional farewell address in his hometown Chicago. Later in the week, Obama honored his "brother" Vice President Joe Biden with the nation's highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Meanwhile incoming President Trump has promised to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

Play Trump's remaining 600+ vacancies

It's just two weeks from Inauguration Day, but Donald Trump still has over 600 Senate-confirmable nominees to announce. His skeleton White House staff includes 22 top-level advisers, many of whom lack experience in executive governing. Next week, the Senate will begin confirmation hearings on several cabinet officials.

Play Global impact of Trump's tweets, Obama says he'd beat Trump

President-elect Donald Trump has made Twitter his primary means of communication, and his tweets have global implications. Yochi Dreazen explains how world leaders respond to Trump's Twitter feed. Looking back at the 2016 presidential election, President Obama told a former adviser that he believes he could have beaten Trump if he had been able to run for a third term.

Play Obama as a role model for black children

Stories about President Obama's personal legacy including the details of an iconic photograph of a young black boy touching the hair of the first black president in the Oval Office. Plus, over eight years Obama and Vice President Joe Biden have a formed a deep friendship that is unusual for many presidents and VPs. Plus, the legacy of Michelle Obama.

Play Electoral College votes Monday

Election Day was over a month ago, but the Electoral College will make the results official on Monday. Despite talk of faithless electors deciding to not vote for Trump, so far only one person has signaled his intention to stop Trump. It would take 37 electors to switch their support from Trump to throw the election to the House of Representatives.

Play How Obama, Trump & Congress are responding to Russian hacks

U.S. intelligence agencies blame Russia for a series of hacks meant to undermine the presidential election. President Obama said the U.S. will respond in a yet-to-be-determined way. But President-elect Donald Trump still questions the intelligence assessment and the belief by some that Russian President Vladimir Putin directed the attacks to bolster Trump's campaign.

Play The Trump Transition: A deep dive into his cabinet picks

President-elect Donald Trump continued to announce the team that will help implement his new agenda in the White House, but several of his picks are raising concerns among his critics. What do Trump's choices signal about his key policy priorities and the shift in American foreign policy when he is sworn in as president?

Play Trump breaks with tradition on Twitter, media and diplomacy

In the weeks after the election Donald Trump has continued to use social media to circumvent tradional media and send a message to businesses. This week, he signaled his intention to cancel a contract to build a new presidential plane. While the stakes are higher as president-elect, the strategy is similar to the campaign when he told voters he is on their side and not politics as usual.

Play Trump takes victory lap and strikes deal to save job

President-elect Donald Trump visited Indiana this week to celebrate the announcement from manufacturing company Carrier that they will keep nearly 1,000 jobs in the U.S. He then kicked off his post-election "Thank You Tour" in Ohio, where he told energized rally attendees that he would come through on his many campaign promises. Meanwhile, Democrats continue to question the election results.

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