Le Monstre

At 18, Sophie falls madly in love, but her dreams of romance soon turn into nightmares.

Shakespeare & Hathaway

Private investigator Frank Hathaway takes on ex-hairdresser and “people person” Lu Shakespeare to solve crimes in Stratford-upon-Avon.

The Blood Pact

The lives of a criminal and tax official entangle when their daughters become friends.

Silent Hunt

Detective Hanns von Meuffels uses a unique method of investigation to reveal the truth.


A diary tells the story of two brothers serving at war, who share the same lover.

True North

This is the tale of an epic love triangle between Donalda, Alexis and Seraphin.

The Wall

Celine Trudeau investigates a murder in a small mining town where no one is safe.

Witch Hunt

If Ida Waage becomes a whistleblower, will she put herself in grave danger?
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