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Telling the story of Ashley Kriel in 'Action Comandante'


Telling the story of Ashley Kriel in 'Action Comandante'

1m 48s

Nadine Angel Cloete, director of 'Action Comandante', tells us about the film and what it means to her.

2m 3s

Experience the Beats of a Revolution

In her film 'The Revolution Won’t Be Televised' director Rama Thiaw delves into the days after Yen a Marre, a political revolution in Senegal during 2011 sparked by the Hip Hop group Keur Gui.

3m 21s

Creating the Golden Space Needle Award

Piper O'Neill's artwork is heavily influenced by the iconography of the American West. Cowboys, horses and the lone hero are all ingrained in her subconscious. When creating the Golden Space Needle award for this year's SIFF, she borrows, not only from these mythologies, but also from what makes SIFF unique. Hear her talk about her inspiration in the video and get a glimpse of the award.

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