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Depicting Violence in Film

Director Megan Griffiths wants to show violence as violence in her films and allow the audience to use their imaginations.

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Jette's SIFF Experience

Jette Sondergaard, one of the stars of 'Where Have All the Good Men Gone', shares how happy she was with the audience and the experience at SIFF 2016.

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Kevin Bacon On Working with First-Time Directors

Kevin Bacon, visiting Seattle for the premiere of his new film "Cop Car" at the 2015 SIFF, sat down with KCTS 9/SIFF TV's Jenni Hogan to share his thoughts about working with first-time directors. “I think it is fun to get in on the ground floor of someone who I think is going to be a pretty important filmmaker,” says Bacon, speaking of the film’s director, Jon Watts.

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Teachers' Investment in Their Students | Paper Tigers

When teachers become an important part of their students lives, they are faced with a difficult task of balancing their personal and work lives. Genie Huntemann, a teacher at Lincoln High School, talks about how difficult it is to maintain that balance.

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