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1m 53s

Pardon My Parenting: Episode 5

In the final segment of our parenting special on manners, Anna Post, the great-great-granddaughter of etiquette queen Emily Post, shares her top tips on table manners. Get the dish on the do's and don'ts of dining!

1m 29s

Pardon My Parenting: Episode 4

Can little ones learn from technology? Etiquette expert Anna Post thinks so! Discover new ways to teach tots valuable skills via technology, and share a laugh with Angela and Anna about thank-you note protocol.

1m 32s

Pardon My Parenting: Episode 3

In the third of five segments, Anna Post, the great-great granddaughter of etiquette empress Emily Post shares insight on the modern day rules of respect at restaurants, and gives bite-sized tips on how to facilitate appropriate dining development of children. Get the dish on making family dining a delightful experience!

1m 36s

Pardon My Parenting: Episode 2

In the second of five installments, Angela reunites with Anna Post, the great-great granddaughter of etiquette queen Emily Post to discuss parenting politeness faux-pas, mobile manners and distracting digital devices.

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