Play How do you raise a scientist? Get out of the way!

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If you want your kid to love science (and grow up just like Neil?!), let them be kids, he says. Playing in puddles, taking things apart, and asking endless questions today can cultivate the best scientific minds of tomorrow.

Play Serious play with actor, singer, dancer and executive...

John, who's been acting since he was a 16 year-old puppeteer for Sesame Street, thinks parents could gain insight into their kids' emotional well-being just by putting a puppet in their hands. Hear why the creator of Johnny and the Sprites says playing imaginary games with your child is critical to their development and yours.

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PBS Parents has teamed up with Angela Santomero, executive producer of SUPER WHY!, to launch a new web show for parents. Every week we'll explore hot parenting topics and share great tips and tricks to make parenting easier and more fun.

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