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23m 43s

Tanks for the Propane | The Westerly Ranch House

The new propane tank gets buried in the backyard. Norm Abram advises an apprentice in composite decking. Jeff Sweenor and Tom Silva add final touches to the coffered ceiling. A shelving system goes into the new office. Outside Mark McCullough applies a stone veneer to the new chimney.

23m 43s

The Doors | The Westerly Ranch House

Tom Silva and Jeff Sweenor begin work on a coffered ceiling in the living room. Jenn Nawada watches as local Westerly granite is cut to size for backyard steps. Richard Trethewey reviews the complex septic system as it goes in. In Ohio, Kevin O'Connor learns how the interior doors are built. Back in Westerly, Jeff installs one of those doors.

23m 43s

Return to Paradise | The Westerly Ranch House

Kevin O'Connor reviews the progress of the Westerly house. Tom Silva and Jeff Sweenor work on the main staircase at Jeff’s shop and then they bring it to the house to install. At the Idea House, Kevin looks at new clapboard siding technology. Richard Trethewey tours a factory to see how a furnace is built and then watches one being installed at the project house.

23m 43s

Decking for Beginning | The Westerly Ranch House

Tom Silva teaches the new apprentices to frame a deck. Jeff Sweenor’s crew frames the exterior flair detail. Jenn Nawada learns about Westerly granite. Jeff teaches the apprentices to install a window. Richard Trethewey and Jeff look for a path for the drain stacks.

23m 43s

Raise a Second Story | The Westerly Ranch House

The gambrel roof profiles are pre-assembled and raised. Then the crew stands up the second floor walls. Three new apprentices arrive as part of the Generation Next program. Tom Silva, shows them how to measure and cut roof rafters. Richard Trethewey works with an engineer who is designing a septic system for the project.

23m 42s

The Open Concept | Westerly Ranch House

The crew places a center beam in the old ranch house to support the second story. A hole is cut in the original foundation for a new basement window. Kevin visits an engineered lumber factory in Canada. Back at the project, Tommy and Jeff raise the end gables.

23m 43s

Chimney Down and Walls Up | The Westerly Ranch House

Mark McCullough and Jeff Sweenor take down the chimney. Scott and Shayla window shop. Jeff Sweenor and Richard Trethewey visit a convention to discover new plumbing products, while back at the ranch the exterior walls come down. Jeff will reuse the original rafters for new wall framing.

23m 43s

A Ranch Out Westerly | Westerly Ranch House

The new season kicks off with a ranch house in Westerly, RI. Inside, Tom and Kevin tour the house and admire the knotty pine paneling. Kevin and the homeowners take a look at the architect renderings. Norm pays a visit to California Ranch style homes. Richard tours the structurally sound basement with Jeff. Jenn and Roger walk property to consider landscape options. Salvage and demo begin.

Fascinating. Entertaining.


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