Play Kidney Dialysis and COVID | Bites

Dialysis technicians like Barbie Telford brave COVID-19 risks to keep kidney patients alive during the pandemic. Patients need the procedure multiple days per week, so staying home isn’t an option for them and the healthcare workers at Puget Sound Kidney Center.

Play Parks in the pandemic | Bites

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for social distancing and public health officials' emphasis on the relative safety of the outdoors has driven an explosion in visitation at many parks in Washington.

Play Fear, Freedom, Family and Future | Bites

The Coon family of Adams County in rural eastern Washington are no strangers to adversity and challenges in the family businesses. But this moment is different; the pandemic has sent the kids home from school, caused health concerns in their own family and community, and threatens the livelihood of their cattle production.

Play Cutting Through the Chaos | Bites

Prolific artist Barbara Earl Thomas explores constructs of innocence through portraiture of black and brown children as racial tensions ignite during the pandemic.

Play Ballard's Opera Man | Bites

Since March, Stephen Wall has performed daily opera concerts in his East Ballard neighborhood. For Wall, the shows provide a sense of normalcy and balance in his life. For the neighbors, a reason to rejoice and be together from six feet apart.

Play Worship on the Small Screen | Bites

Father Strange has been a priest at St. Joseph’s in Issaquah for nearly a decade, ministering to a flock of 4,500 parishioners. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced him and the church to adapt quickly — live-streaming services, conducting socially distanced confessions and trying to keep their community together and uplifted at a time when they have to be physically apart.

Play The Survivor | Bites

Sadie Pimpleton is a single grandmother raising her grandchildren in Seattle. She recently survived COVID-19.

Play The City Councilwoman | Bites

Varisha Khan is a first-time city councilwoman in Redmond. She drafted, proposed, and passed recent legislation that protects Redmond residents from late fees, evictions and offers support during other hardships.

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