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6m 22s

Worship on the Small Screen

Father Strange has been a priest at St. Joseph’s in Issaquah for nearly a decade, ministering to a flock of 4,500 parishioners. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced him and the church to adapt quickly — live-streaming services, conducting socially distanced confessions and trying to keep their community together and uplifted at a time when they have to be physically apart.

Available to viewers in US and Canada
6m 45s

Unexpected Frontline

Between stocking shelves and the usual “paper or plastic,” at check out, working in a supermarket can seem thankless. But, people need to eat, and in times of crisis, stores become frontlines and the employees keep them running. But, Erin Simmons says grocery workers have always known they were essential. Now everyone else knows it too.

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