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5m 7s

Vaccine Hunters

Molecular Virologist Dr. Jesse Erasmus is part of a team at UW Medicine developing a vaccine for COVID-19. The team is one of several around the globe in the race to produce an effective vaccine at record speed.

6m 55s

Caring for our elders, one grocery bag at a time

On the surface, Seattle is slumbering. As the vast majority of Washington’s citizens are homebound, the actual lived experience of others, especially the people at the front lines of the crisis, can be somewhat mysterious. But there is still a lot happening behind doors as the community struggles to respond to the virus.

6m 45s

Unexpected Frontline

Between stocking shelves and the usual “paper or plastic,” at check out, working in a supermarket can seem thankless. But, people need to eat, and in times of crisis, stores become frontlines and the employees keep them running. But, Erin Simmons says grocery workers have always known they were essential. Now everyone else knows it too.

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