Play How Cars Can Keep You Poor

Cars have become an integral part of American society. While it can feel that buying a new car is granting you new freedom, buying a new car is more likely to take away your freedom and security.

Play Is Your Side Hustle Hustling You?

These days, it seems like everyone is making money on the side. Side hustles like ridesharing, room rentals, and selling witty cross stitch patterns are a common occurrence. BUT, is every side hustle worth the time dedicated to them?

Play Hacking Your Brain to Get Out Of Debt

Debt is one of our least favorite things to talk about, and that's one of the main reasons it is so hard to pay them off. BUT researchers have figured out how to rewire your brain to take on the debt monster.

Play Love and Money

Nothing is less romantic than talking to your partner about their financial history, but finances cause major stresses in relationships. A lot of these stresses can be tackled by communicating without judgment. Here are 5 financial topics you should discuss with your future partner.

Play Money, A Global Game of Trust

The value of money all comes down to TRUST. When did we transition from the barter system to using money? We discuss some of its origin stories.

Play Do I Need To Buy A House?

The importance of homeownership is still embedded in American culture, but actual homeownership has dropped to its lowest level since 1967. How should we react to that? Are more young people ready to buy a home than they believe?

Play Insta-Everything

Time is money...right? How are on-demand services hurting and helping our wallets? When is it an investment to use these services?

Play 5 Ways People Are Dumb About Money

Not only do we as humans make financial mistakes, our mistakes are predictable! Here's the story of how we learned that we can predict our mistakes and 5 of them you can avoid.

Play How Do Your Tax Dollars Get Spent?

Remember when you received your first paycheck at your first job and the amount was a little lower than expected? Surprise! Some of that money was already spent for you. Have you ever stopped to figure out exactly WHAT is being bought with all that money you send to Washington each year?

Play What the Heck Are Mutual Funds?

Mutual funds are an important option in saving for retirement, and most people don't know what they are--even if they already use them! Let's start at the beginning.

Play What is the DOW?

Do your eyes glaze over when you ever hear about the DOW? Are you still confused about what the DOW is?

Play How to Ask for a Raise

Most of us cringe at the idea of discussing how much money we make, so asking for a raise can be tough. Here's how to get started.

Play Budgeting Basics

You can take a cue from George Washington by becoming commander in chief of your finances.

Play Women Financial Superpowers

Women report feeling high or overwhelming levels of financial stress twice as often as men. Why is that? For many, it boils down to compensation and confidence.

Play Is My Identity Safe From Hackers?

You can never protect yourself 100% from identity thieves, but there are ways to make it harder for them! Here's how you can help protect yourself from identity theft.

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