Play Gorsuch & Women; O'Reilly Allegations; Trump Administration

Gorsuch & Women: What does the new Supreme Court Justice mean for women? Bill O'Reilly Allegations: Accusations against the Fox News host mount as advertisers pull support. Donald Trump Administration: How has he fared in his first almost 80 days? Panel: Anneke Green, Avis Jones-DeWeever, Rina Shah, Anushay Hossain

Play TTC Extra: Democrats and Working Class Voters

A debate is brewing after the Democrats took big losses in last year's elections. Can the Democrats appeal to minority, LGBT, and women's issues and not alienate the white working class? Panel: Anneke Green, Avis Jones-DeWeever, Rina Shah, Anushay Hossain

Play #BlackWomenAtWork, Trump Admin., Offices of Women's Health

#BlackWomenAtWork: The issues black women face in the workplace. Trump Administration: Hillary Clinton criticizes the lack of women in the administration. Fair? Offices of Women's Health: What will happen to these offices under this administration? We speak with HealthyWomen's Phyllis Greenberger. Panel: Del. Norton, Patrice Lee, Ann Stone, Debra Carnahan, Dr. Susan Wood

Play Women's History Month Profile: Hillary Clinton's Legacy

To The Contrary revisits Hillary Clinton leaving behind her work at the State Department, she sits down with host, Bonnie Erbe, to shared her dedication and commitment to women and girls' empowerment. From First Lady to the U.S. Senate to the State Department, Clinton guides us through her storied career with one common thread: issues facing women and girls.

Play Social Safety Net, Ivanka Trump's Role; Hidden Figures

Social Safety Net: What can Americans expect from President Trump when it comes to cuts to social programs? Ivanka Trump's Role: Is the president daughter more about policy or PR? Hidden Figures: We look at the book about the groundbreaking black women of NASA that inspired the Oscar-nominated movie. PANEL: Anne Stone, Rina Shah, Anushay Hossain, Hilary Rosen

Play Women In Politics, White House Advocates & Deportation

Women In Politics: How this current administration is pushing more women to run for office. White House Advocates: The women behind the president. Deportation: Two high profile cases profile the lives of undocumented immigrants. Panel: Asra Nomani, Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, Rina Shah Bharara, Dana White

Play TTC Extra: President Trump's Mental Health

Experts find that the President might not be mentally stable. They question if his narcissistic-like persona may effect his decision making. Panel: Asra Nomani, Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, Rina Shah Bharara, Dana White

Play Trump Ethics; #ShePersisted, Political Relationship Stress

Trump Ethics: Donald Trump's administration questioned for mixing business with his presidency. #ShePersisted: Elizabeth Warren silenced for reading Coretta Scott King's criticism of Jeff Sessions, leading to a feminist rallying cry. Political Relationship Stress: How IMAGO Relationship Therapy could soothe strained relationships. PANEL: Manal Omar, Patrice Lee, Avis Jones-DeWeever, Ashe Schow

Play SCOTUS Nominee; Betsy DeVos; Abandoned Families

What are the implications for women and society at large if Neil Gorsuch is confirmed to the Supreme Court bench? Is Betsy DeVos fit to serve as Secretary of Education? Why it’s hard for low-income women to pull their families out of poverty. Interview with author Kristin Seefeldt. PANEL: Ann Stone, Latifa Lyles, Patrice Lee, Megan Beyer

Play The March For Life; President Donald Trump's Cabinet

March For Life: Pro-Life activist advocate for the overturning of Roe V. Wade and President Donald Trump reinstates the "global gag rule". President Donald Trump's Cabinet: If confirmed women and nonwhites would make up 5 out of 22 of his cabinet. How will that impact policy making? Panel: Anushay Hossain, Ann Stone, Debra Carnahan, Jennifer Higgins

Play Donald Trump's First 100 Days; Young People Weigh In

Donald Trump's First 100 Days: How far will he be able to push his agenda in the first 100 days, and will it be a successful one? Young People Weigh In: Young adults generally have a low opinion of the new president and have a grim view of the future. PANEL: Clara Del Villar, Hilary Rosen, Ann Stone, Keli Goff

Play Donald Trump Cabinet Hearings; Women's March on Washington

Donald Trump Cabinet Hearings: Trump’s picks were grilled by Democrats, but are expected to be confirmed. Women's March on Washington: Can the march set a progressive agenda that is followed through by grassroots activists? Panel: Avis Jones-DeWeever, Genevieve Wood, Rina Shah Bharara, Patricia Sosa

Play Obamacare Repeal & The Cyber Effect

The Republicans’ plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act and the effect of increased internet use. Panel: Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC), Women Vote Trump Co-Founder Ann Stone, GOP Political Strategist Jennifer Higgins, Co-founder, Reproaction Erin Matson

Play To The Contrary Film Festival: Clara - Angel of the Rockies

This week on To The Contrary's All About Women and Girls Film Festival, we bring you the amazing true story of Clara Brown, a former slave who became a community leader and philanthropist during Colorado's Gold Rush. Learn why this African American historical icon is known as "the angel of the Rockies."

Play Immigration; Trump's Possible Conflicts of Interest

Immigration: How immigrants and refugees will be affected by Donald Trump’s presidency. Trump's Possible Conflicts of Interest: Why some are concerned about possible conflicts of interest in a Trump administration and his family’s businesses. PANEL: Linda Chavez, Rep. Donna Edwards (D-MD), Asra Nomani, Ann Stone

Play TTC Extra: Turnout Among Voters of Different Races

Pundits predicted the electorate would be browner than ever, but turnout for non-white voters did not rise to the expected level. Donald Trump's advantage among white voters was the critical factor to his win. PANEL: Rep. Donna Edwards (D-MD), Linda Chavez, Ann Stone, Arsa Nomani

Play Historical Election & The Women's Vote

Historical Election: Hillary Clinton's legacy as part of women's history and Donald Trump's task ahead as president. The Women's Vote: How different groups of women voted, and how it changed the election. Panel: Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC), American University Professor Jennifer Lawless, IWF Executive Director Sabrina Schaeffer, Women Vote Trump’s Ann Stone

Play Presidential Election Home Stretch; Going Flat

Presidential Election Home Stretch: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton rally voters. We speak with Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway. Going Flat: Women choose to "go flat" after cancer surgery. PANEL: Rep. Donna Edwards (D-MD), Ann Stone, Jennifer Higgins, Lara Brown

Play Politics This Week, Obamacare Premiums & Good Girls Revolt

Politics This Week: The latest in the presidential and down-ballot races. Obamacare Premiums: Costs on the rise. Good Girls Revolt: The new show on Amazon Video is a re-telling of a real-life sex discrimination case led by Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton. Panel: Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, Saba Ahmed, Atima Omara, Ashe Schow

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