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26m 59s

Sounds Like Summer

In honor of the season, tales of joy and disaster under the summer sun. Caroline becomes a Pilgrim and finds herself curious about the lives of its tourists; Colin battles his fear of sharks with scuba diving lessons; as a Peace Corps volunteer, Theresa breaks the rules to go on a rafting adventure. Three storytellers, three interpretations of SOUNDS LIKE SUMMER, hosted by Theresa Okokon.

26m 59s

Now or Never

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to say yes more often? Tom whips out his wallet for a midlife crisis kind of splurge; Adam volunteers as a human shield in the West Bank to experience the other side of the checkpoint; and determined to beat her disease, Karen Mae takes a spontaneous, ill-advised trip. Three storytellers, three interpretations of NOW OR NEVER, hosted by Theresa Oko.

26m 59s

What We Wear

Putting on, or taking something off, is not about the clothes itself but how they represent who you are. Nina takes a leap and joins NYC's No Pants Subway Ride; as a new immigrant, Sufian learns that culture shock extends even to footwear; and after her son finds an expensive necklace, Isabel faces a moral dilemma. Three storytellers, three interpretations of WHAT WE WEAR, hosted by Wes Hazard.

26m 59s


Sunny days and balmy nights...moments when anything was possible. Khalilah goes to camp for the first time and learns more than just campfire songs; when a vacation takes a dangerous turn, Martha is surprised by her mom’s courageous act; and as a kid, Ajay discovers baseball and its magical connection to the divine. Three storytellers, three interpretations of SUMMERTIME, hosted by Theresa Okokon.

Fascinating. Entertaining.


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