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Play School Days

High school is the place to learn a lot and make friends for life. But for some, it can mean challenges, uncertainty and shame. Teen storyteller Cecilia Viveiros battles a hidden learning disability that leaves her high school teachers, her parents, and Cecilia herself baffled. A year after her story, we join her as she goes to college in New York City.

Play Unexpected Connections

The twists and turns of a journey can lead to an unpredicted discovery. Angie Chatman crosses racial boundaries during a turbulent flight, and Kelli Dunham finds herself hilariously in a not-so-ordinary boot camp in Florida’s swamps.

Play Chance

A pair of memorable stories about throwing caution to the wind and risking it all at a moment‘s notice. Korean American Eson Kim is held at gunpoint in her family’s store, and Christine Gentry donates a kidney to a stranger.

Play Courage

Courage is acting despite fear. Courtney Pong shuts down misogynistic stand-up comics and discovers the power of her voice, and Praveen Sahay oversees Mozambique's tumultuous first democratic elections as a United Nations Peacekeeper.

Play Unlikely Love

Why not risk it all for love? Stories of unexpected romance: Nimisha Ladva breaks her parents’ rules and dates outside her Indian culture, and Jeff Simmermon sells all of his possessions and crosses the globe to meet and settle down with his Internet love.

Play American Journey

Immigrants and their children forge lives in the United States while maintaining connections to their past. Szifra Birke discovers the hidden meaning of her Polish Jewish name and Grace Talusan shares how a green station wagon helped transform her family into Americans.

Play You Only Live Once

Is a life worth living when one takes chances? Gianmarco Soresi goes on a harrowing skydiving trip and realizes that sometimes in love we jump too late; at 15, Brendyn Schneider’s dream of a first kiss finally comes true; and Alison Tocci defies the law and fulfills her colorful dad’s last wish to have his wake in the family tavern.

Play Whatever It Takes

Annemarie Whilton, a pre-school teacher and artist, describes the difficult rescue of her child Sarah from a drug den. Both mother and daughter share honestly about Sarah’s descent into substance use disorder and their challenging journey towards recovery.

Play Deadly Sins

Meet Ashley Rose, a poet, writer, teacher and advocate for restorative justice. As a child, Ashley witnessed a sunny day turn into a nightmare when dark waters rose up from the basement to take over her home. Ashley takes us back to the neighborhood street that was destroyed by a man-made disaster and explores how this traumatic incident turned her into a crusader for others.

Play Coming to America

We all love stories about new Americans, especially when they overcome adversity. Roxy Azari experiences love & hate on an overcast journey to the iconic Ellis Island; Tereza Lee speaks up about her undocumented status - and changes the world; and Rosanna Salcedo discovers that friendship knows no borders.

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