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4m 14s

Hurricane Balls in HD

In this video, Joey crafts his own Hurricane Balls (like the classic toy) to showcase the awesome visuals behind angular momentum.

4m 26s

How to use a Split Focus Diopter

A split focus diopter is an unique way to achieve the illusion of deep focus. The half convex glass attaches in front of the camera's lens to make half the lens nearsighted.

6m 42s

How to create Water Illusions

Water Illusions can happen when you film fast movement with the right type of camera, but to the naked eye this looks like something of a blur.

2m 54s

How to create a Mini Tornado

Learn how to create a water vortex by drilling a hole at the bottom of plastic aquarium to act as a drain. If don't have an aquarium just fill up your sink and then release drain plug. Stir in a circular motion and watch vortex form from above.

2m 24s

Creating Dry Ice Comets in 4K

A main ingredient to a comets core is dry ice. As it gets closer to the sun the ice sublimates into the vacuum of space. Putting dry ice into a shallow pool of water will produce a similar reaction.

5m 12s

How to Turn a Stroller Into a Dolly

If it has wheels, there's a pretty good chance I'm going try and make a dolly out of it. So after our baby shower, I started looking at our very nice new stroller (thanks sis!), and took some test drives around our wood floors.

2m 43s

Recreating the Aurora Borealis

We attempt to create the Aurora Borealis with a sheet of fabric and a handful of fans. We discovered that throwing the image a little out of focus really creates a believable visual effect that can be composited into a scene to create the Aurora.

2m 20s

Hologram Thriller

I found this skeleton animation on my computer doing the dance from Michael Jackson's Thriller and turned it into a hologram using a steamer for clothes.

4m 4s

Stop-Motion Star Wars

Watch us try and recreate the Millennium Falcon shot from the teaser trailer to STARS WARS "The Force Awakens" using stop motion animation.

5m 22s

Creating the Cosmos: In-Depth Look

An in-depth look at Creating the Cosmos. In this episode I break down my process of creating cosmic backgrounds with my "sheet of glass" technique. Hopefully you guys will get a better understanding of how this process works by watching me break the steps down.

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