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Julia Becker just learned that her father is still alive. What else has been kept from her
Step into the 1920s at the Italian Riviera for drama and mystery in the aftermath of WWI.
In 1961 London, surgeon Otto Powell presides over a busy gynecology ward.
Set in 1920s Seville, where Teresa, a woman with a mysterious past, flees to a young girls' academy with a secret goal related to the academy itself.
Content rating: TV-MA
The mysterious death of unlikely friends sends shockwaves through two families.
The sudden arrival of DC Leila Hussain in Port Devine raises questions among residents.
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Maria Theresa is the heiress to the Habsburg Empire. Must she sacrifice her happiness?
Tcheky Karyo revives his role as French detective Julien Baptiste in this spinoff of “The Missing."
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