Play Is "Old Town Road" by Lil Nas X Real Country Music?

It’s often been said that music is a universal language. So why was “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X initially removed from the country Billboard charts? Hallease and Evelyn use this hit record to talk about the business of music and how it has historically affected Black artists’ ability to “crossover”, stay true to their musical tastes, or experiment with the art form.

Play Where Are You REALLY From?

Human migration is a tale as old as time, but how has that impacted Black culture here in the U.S.? Hallease and Evelyn explore how the movement of Black folks has created icons from James Baldwin to Nipsey Hussle.

Play Should We Keep Eating Soul Food?

As our culture evolves so does our food. What was once eaten out of necessity has become celebratory, all the while being the topic of constant debate. Evelyn & Hallease explore the new and inventive ways our generation is honoring and preserving our culinary past while staying conscious of our dietary future.

Play Why Richard Pryor is Still Funny

From minstrels to vaudeville to Instagram, comedy has come a long way. Richard Pryor is arguably your favorite comedian's favorite comedian so in this episode, Hallease and Evelyn look at how comedy has changed throughout modern history, and attempt to define what the G.O.A.T contributed to its evolution.

Play Should You Go To an HBCU?

HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) have the prestigious honor of always being committed to the mission of educating everyone regardless of race, but our hosts both attended a (PWI) Predominately White Institution & didn't pledge Black Greek. They discuss HBCU history and the myriad of reasons why prospective students consider attending them by touring Howard University.

Play What Missy Elliott Did for Afrofuturism

Content rating: TV-PG

Missy Elliott and her frequent collaborators have produced over two decades of music videos that we are going to attempt to justify as Afrofuturistic work. Grab your inflatable trash bags, as we take a stroll down memory lane.

Play The Evolution of (Black) Beauty

Our perception and definition of beauty has morphed over time, so instead of trying to define everything we focused on three areas of the beauty industry: haircare, skincare, and makeup -- to show you just how far the industry has come. From Overton's high-brown face powder to Rihanna's Fenty Beauty, here's how African American beauty standards have evolved.

Play "Black Sounding" Names and Their Surprising History

What's in a name? Sometimes it's just our imagination, and other times it's an attempt at a political statement. Black names have been satirized and stereotyped for a long time, but they have a unique and downright surprising history. Azie and Evelyn discuss the history, culture, and influence on "black sounding names."

Play The Reason #BlackTwitter Exists (And Is Totally Awesome)

From seemingly choreographed takedowns to hilarious commentary on culture and current events, Black Twitter continues to be a source of endless debate, research, and of course endless cackles. In this episode, we deep dive into how Black Twitter exists on the platform and the unspoken (but somehow still agreed upon) rules of engagement.

Play She Isn't African Enough?! DNA Ancestry Tests

Ancestry and DNA testing is one of the fastest growing consumer markets. Over 26 million people have access to their DNA profiles, but understanding these profiles is complicated -- especially if you're a descendant of enslaved people. To highlight it’s complexity, Azie (who has taken over 5 DNA tests) explains her results with help from Dr. Joe Hanson of It's Okay to be Smart.

Play The OG Black Republicans

Did Republicans lead the charge in electing Black politicians? We don’t need to know who you’re voting for but we are interested in how the end of the Civil War meant the start of Black people in US Government and the resilience required by these OG Black politicians to occupy space in a government that was very divided on whether owning people was bad.

Play Black People Made That!

At the end of the day, it's all about the benjamins. Black inventors throughout American history have contributed so much to our country's innovation -- all while navigating a difficult US patent system. In this week's episode, Azie Dungey and Evelyn From The Internets discuss all the creative ways Black people have worked through their intellectual property and how it affects the U.S as a whole

Play Is This Ratchet Or Runway?

What makes a fashion trend go from lowbrow to high class? How does the person wearing the style change its perception? And whose taste gets to be respected? Hang on to your boxer braids for this one, from the ghetto to ghetto fabulous and everything in between we're dissecting fashion through an African American lens.

Play Are You "Black" or "African American?"

Throughout American history people of the African Diaspora have been called so many things...all the things...but what does it truly mean, and how does it impact or affect the way we see ourselves. Evelyn from The Internets and Azie Dungey discuss on this week's episode of Say It Loud.

Play How Do You Define Black Pride?

What does it mean to love being black and is there room for Black Pride today? Azie Dungey and Evelyn from the Internets discuss James Brown, Black Girl Magic, and Black identity on this first episode of Say It Loud.

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