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25m 12s

Jump In


The roadtrippers reach San Francisco, where they meet Barbara Furlow-Smiles, who manages Facebook’s global diversity program, and Paola Santana, founder of Social Glass, a company helping to ensure government transparency through the use of AI. As the trip comes to a close, Carissa, Jordane, and Alicia ponder their steps forward and reflect on the lessons they’ve learned.

24m 39s

Bringing People In


The team meets Mama Shu, who founded The Avalon Village to turn her Highland Park community into a safe, eco-friendly, and innovative space. Later on, they talk with Clarence Bethea—the Upsie founder dedicated to making warranties more affordable—about his path through adversity to entrepreneurial success.

25m 19s

Play Forever

Gary Vaynerchuk, chairman of VaynerX & CEO of VaynerMedia, talks to the team about turning failure into success and small beginnings into giant outcomes. Later on, they meet Megan Smith, a former U.S. Chief Technology Officer and Google vice president now working to facilitate collaboration and foster innovation in a wide variety of tech industries.

25m 19s

Opening Doors


Roadtrippers Carissa, Jordane, and Alicia set out in the green RV to speak with inspiring tech entrepreneurs. Starting in New York, they meet Stacy Spikes, the co-founder and former CEO of MoviePass, and Cindy Eckert, who founded The Pink Ceiling to invest in companies founded by and/or delivering products to women.

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