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Ragamala Dance Company Blends Generations and Cultures

For the Ramaswamy family, dance — specifically Bharatanatyam, a South Indian classical dance form — is both lifeblood and business. Now in its 26th season, Ragamala Dance Company is a world-renowned company. The Ramaswamy family members consider themselves lucky to be able to pursue what they love. And lucky to be able to do it all with each other.

9m 9s

These Social Entrepreneurs are Taking on Water Scarcity

For Joshua Kao, any downpour of rain is a missed opportunity. Why should 700 million people worldwide be experiencing water scarcity when perfectly potable water falls from the sky? How could he make a difference? Like most innovations, LivingWaters Systems started with these simple observations from Kao. Now, with a prototype in hand, the LivingWaters team is scaling up.

7m 36s

Turning Infertility into a Fruitful Opportunity

Elyse and Brad Ash were unexpectedly confronted with infertility when all of their married friends were starting families of their own. Inspiration took root in their darkest moments and, desperate for connection and aching to make a difference, Elyse and Brad initiated Fruitful, a fertility mentorship startup.

5m 35s

Holy Land Deli Gathers Everyone Around the Table

Opened in 1987, Holy Land deli and restaurant in Northeast Minneapolis functions as an extension of the Wadi family's love of food and an invitation to know more about Muslims and Arabs in the Middle East. From that small start, Holy Land expanded their operations and helped revitalize a neighborhood in the process.

8m 8s

This Chutney is Out to Dominate Your Ketchup Obsession

Ketchup dominated America's condiment preferences since its introduction in 1876. Sriracha outpaced ketchup in 2016 as one of the 10 fastest growing industries in the U.S. Could chutney be the next sauce to stage a tastebud takeover? The Sajady sisters certainly hope so, as they scale up Maazah Chutney, their sauce startup side hustle. Video by Maria Bartholdi

6m 12s

City-Dwellers Can Go Wheels Up on Adventure with Ridj-it

Ari Iaccarino is a hiking enthusiast; when he was new to Boston and without his own car, the four-hour roundtrip to the Franconia Ridge in the White Mountains of New Hampshire seemed impossible. The experience inspired him to create Ridj-it, a ridesharing startup. Just as a ridge connects two mountains, this startup connects you to the mountains.

6m 46s

Hyannis Country Garden is a Family Business With Deep Roots

Jocelyn Duffley was no stranger to Hyannis Country Garden when she took over as President and General Manager but that didn’t make the transition any easier. It was her first time running a business — and many of the employees were family members. Could she manage the family and the business and help both thrive?

6m 59s

The Drone Innovation That Exceeded Expectations

Rahul Tiwari left Purdue University in Indiana and returned to Minnesota to pursue his drone innovation — called Spooky Action. The Spooky Action team has set their sights on using their drone innovation to bring internet connectivity to the remotest regions of Northern Africa. They’re designing and prototyping, testing and evaluating, to engineer an innovation that can help change the world.

8m 6s

This Barber Shop Museum is a Feast for the Eyes

Behind the iconic spinning barbershop signs and gilded frames at the NYC Barber Shop Museum are five generations of barbers. Master barber Arthur Rubinhoff operates four locations of his New York City barber shop, Reamir & Co, along with his son and wife, who also cut hair. As she says, everything is about the family.

10m 49s

Should the USA Build a Wall on BOTH of its Borders?

In this episode of "America From Scratch" we explore the security gaps on our northern border, as well as why our southern border gets so much media attention. Former federal prosecutor Matt Pinsker speaks on his experience on the southern border dealing with drug cartels. And an asylum seeker talks about how his asylum process has been a fight for safety.

5m 0s

Trichotillomania and the Keen Smart Bracelet Startup

For over 20 years, Aneela Idnani Kumar hid her hair pulling disorder, also known as Trichotillomania. When Idnani Kumar and her husband searched for treatment options, they were disappointed by what they found. So they decided to create their own solution.

3m 38s

Get Riled Up With Roller Derby League Minnesota RollerGirls

Thundering skates are matched by thundering applause as the women stream onto the track. It's time for a bout unlike anything you've ever seen.

To dig into the misconceptions about roller derby -- is the action real? Are these athletes or party girls? -- we sat down with three members of the league: Meet Itches Be Trippin, Diamond Rough and Obscene Sheen.

1m 49s

Entrepreneurs Share Pro Tips for Launching Your Startup

Need some quick advice to kick your startup plans into high gear? Successful entrepreneurs Ryan Feit, co-founder of SeedInvest, Jennifer Lane and Priyanka Verma, co-founders of Laquerus, and Dick Schulze, found of Best Buy, offer some pro tips to get you started.

These distinguished speakers shared their insights at the Wisconsin Entrepreneurship Showcase on October 4, 2018.

5m 9s

Brake Bread Uses Bicycles to Deliver Fresh Bread to You

Nate Houge and Micah Taylor founded Brake Bread – St. Paul, Minnesota’s premiere Community Support Bakery that delivers fresh bread to its customers by bicycle. They’re all about three things: bread, biking, and building a sustainable community.

6m 59s

Queblo Shifts Their Business Model with Plans for the Future

As Queblo, Igor Fridman's construction start-up, builds momentum and gains interest from well-respected builders, he confers with mentor Eapen Chacko, editor at EIX, the Entrepreneur and Innovator Exchange, about flexing his business model to remain profitable and sustainable.

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Energetic Entrepreneur Innovates To Destigmatize Diabetes

Entrepreneur Meghan Sharkus, a rising junior at the Schulze School of Entrepreneurship at the University of St. Thomas and the founder and CEO of ExpressionMed, a medical tape startup, is undaunted by the demands of both pursuits. Or, if daunted, she has enough exuberance to maintain her motivation despite the challenges. And she's lucky to have found a willing mentor in Entrepreneurship professor

7m 16s

STAGE Culinary Arts Puts Healthy Eating Front and Center

Over the course of 12-weeks, students from the St. Paul Creative Arts Secondary school worked with different restaurants and food industry partners and discussed concepts like budgeting, ticketing, money management, restaurant ownership, and cooking at home for their families.

3m 19s

4 Top Tips for Networking Beginners

Etiquette expert Arden Clise guides college student Matt Grega through some essential networking tips including the perfect handshake, remembering someone’s name, entering a group conversation, and mastering the art of holding your food plate and drink in one hand.

3m 10s

Buying your first home? Tips to get you started

In an interesting twist, today’s young adults are skipping over the starter home trend more common in their parent’s generation (but it’s got so much character!) and going straight from living at home to buying their own dream home.

5m 33s

Making a Social Impact with a Sustainable Farming Solution

Leeore Levinstein, Elizabeth Alonzi, Jesse Abelson, three members of the five-person Vetiver Solutions team, competed against 24 other undergraduate entrepreneurial student teams from across the United States in e-Fest 2018 at the Schulze School of Entrepreneurship at the University of St. Thomas.

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