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Her Aim Is True Trailer

Jini Dellaccio captured the images for some of the most memorable album covers for Northwest bands from the 1960's. Snubbing convention, Dellaccio reinvented herself in her mid-thirties and became known as one of the most daring and innovative photographers in the field. Watch full documentary on REEL NW.

10m 2s

Interview with CLOSURE filmmakers

Hear form Angela and Bryan Tucker about the experience of making a documentary based on the story of Angela, an inter-racial adoptee on a quest to find her birth mother.

13m 1s

Filmmaker Interview: Kevin Tomlinson

Film Critic Robert Horton speaks with "Back the the Garden" director Kevin Tomlinson about revisiting his hippie subjects 20 years after originally documenting their lifestyle, how much of their worldview has become part of mainstream, and more.

10m 5s

Filmmaker Interview: Rebuilding Hope

Film Critic Robert Horton speaks with "Rebuilding Hope" director Jen Marlowe about finding a new way to tell the story of the "lost boys" of Sudan by relating it to current events. She addresses her desire to make the differences and similarities between Darfur and South Sudan clear, and how the relationship between herself as a filmmaker and the subject of the film.

15m 43s

Filmmaker Interview: Man Zou

Film Critic Robert Horton speaks with "Man Zou" filmmakers Jason Reid, Ian Connors, and Darren Lund about exploring China's countryside on bikes. Director Jason Reid wanted to show the side of China that the world hasn't seen before, a warm and hospitable people.

13m 26s

Filmmaker Interview: Unlisted

Film Critic Robert Horton speaks with Delany Ruston, the filmmaker of "Unlisted: A Story of Schizophrenia" about how her career as a physician informed choice to make the film, the personal journey she undertook while documenting her reconnection with her father, and her new film project on global mental health, which has taken her to China, India, and France.

15m 51s

Filmmaker Interview: American Collectors

Film Critic Robert Horton speaks with Bob Ridgley and Terri Krantz directors of "American Collectors" about interviewing and exploring the minds of serious collectors by asking the question, "Why do Collectors collect?"

6m 48s

Dan Merchant on "Lord, Save Us from Your Followers"

Dan Merchant, the director of "Lord, Save Us from Your Followers," talks with the film critic Robert Horton about what prompted him to make his film, and what kind of role he thinks faith should have in political discourse.

7m 29s

Jeff Chiba Stearns on "One Big Hapa Family"

Jeff Chiba Stearns, the director of "One Big Hapa Family," talks to the film critic Robert Horton about how a family reunion led to his film, and how he wanted to create a "candy shop" of animation by inviting fellow animators to work with him.

15m 54s

Filmmaker Interview: Sweet Crude

Film Critic Robert Horton speaks with Sandy Cioffi, director of "Sweet Crude" about her choice to not make being arrested during filming part of the film, the danger of self-importance in storytelling, and the current situation in the Niger River Delta.

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REEL NW Season 6

A new season of REEL NW starts Sunday May 7 at 5 p.m. Watch new episodes of the best local films featuring the Northwest every Sunday in May.

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