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Play Why Does Fall Smell So Good?

We asked people across the country “What does fall mean to you?,” and most of them couldn’t stop talking about fall smells. So what’s the chemistry behind those smells, and why do they make us so happy?

Play Coffee Roasting Chemistry Throwdown

How hard could roasting beans at home really be? Sam and George go head-to-head in a coffee roasting competition to find out and Candy Schibli, the founder & head roaster of Southeastern Roastery, provides expert advice.

Play You’re Using Disinfectants Wrong

Sure, you’ve got a product that says “kills germs” under your sink, but will it really destroy the new coronavirus on surfaces? Turns out that if you’re using a disinfectant like a regular cleaner, you might not actually be disinfecting at all. To make sure you’re destroying 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, doing these three things is critical.

Play We Surprised a Llama Antibody Researcher with a Llama

Scientists are considering some less-conventional approaches to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. One of those approaches is using antibodies from llamas to fight off SARCoV2, or to keep it from infecting you in the first place. We chatted with one scientist behind the research, Daniel Wrapp, and had a surprise for him in store.

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