The Archivist

A reclusive police archivist and ambitious rookie partner work to clear cold-case crimes.


Police corruption and gang culture meet as ex-con Robin struggles to escape his past.


Lotteā€™s father is determined that she will not be one of those crazy Bauhaus artists.


Content rating: TV-MA
Astrid Nielsen works in the library of the judicial police. She has Asperger's syndrome. With an incredible memory she excels at analyzing files of ongoing investigations.

Professor T

Professor T's world is slowly undone after agreeing to help solve a difficult case.

Before We Die

This powerful Swedish thriller features nail-biting action and a unique, compelling twist about a tough police officer, Hanna Svensson.

The Hunter

Content rating: TV-MA
Italy and the mafia were at war in the early 1990s. Saverio Barone, a prosecutor, fights for the innocent caught up in the carnage.


Roland Hassel is a street-smart detective fighting crime in Stockholm.
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