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9m 29s

This Thing is -270°C and is EVERYWHERE

In this video, Dianna explores one of the most mysterious discoveries in physics - a constant microwave signal that seemed to be coming from everywhere in the universe. It turned out to be light from an unusual process 13.8 billion years ago.

10m 0s

Why This Stuff Costs $2700 Trillion Per Gram

There’s a factory in Europe that makes antimatter! It’s the rarest, most expensive, and potentially the most dangerous material on earth. Scientists don’t know why this material is so rare. Anti-atoms took 72 years after we discovered antimatter to make. Why?

9m 12s

World’s Largest Camera Lens

The world's largest digital camera is currently being assembled at a warehouse in California. We caught the short window of time to see the camera's massive lens.

10m 34s

Testing What Exercise Actually Does to Your Butt

Cassey and I investigate the biomechanics of butts. What activates your butt muscles more, running or squatting? How effective are bridges as a butt workout? How much can we change the shape of our bodies with exercise?

6m 37s

Experiments with $100,000+ Speakers

Join Physics Girl and PBS Digital Studios' new show SoundField as they experiment with giant $100,000 speakers and aim them at your body parts looking for resonance, at oobleck, at google eyes, and at candles to explore the physics of sound.

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