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7m 25s

Wild Horses: America's Most Beloved Invasive Species?

Wild horses made their home on the islands of North Carolina centuries ago. Today, they are celebrities on these islands drawing thousands of people every summer to the northern beaches of North Carolina. However, the horse population needs to be managed because they can cause serious damage to the ecosystem. How can we respect these horses and keep them wild while protecting the islands?

7m 51s

Meet the Fire Lookout of Big Sky Country

Are real-life fire lookouts becoming obsolete due to modern technology? Meet Mark Hufstetler, a fire lookout at Baptiste Tower in Flathead National Forest, Montana, who believes human observation is still imperative in fire detection and management. See how people like Mark have been protecting our forests for over a century and continue to play a vital role in protecting our natural resources.

6m 53s

How the Blue Ridge Mountains (Almost) Lost Their Blue

The trees in the Blue Ridge Mountains are responsible for that dreamy blue haze on the horizon. Trees produce fine mists of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which scatter blue light waves. In the mid-90s, the area had serious air quality issues. Not only was it dangerous to breathe, the hazy blue was disappearing from the horizon. But it wasn’t just the trees fault. Here’s what happened...

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