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11m 34s

Why Doesn't the US Have Paid Parental Leave?

The day is finally here! Your baby has arrived and you're officially a new parent! But how long until that new baby smell wears off and you're forced to return to work and find reliable childcare? Today Danielle looks at the history of maternity leave around the world and why the United States is one of eight nations in the world without any guaranteed, government regulated PAID parental leave.

10m 52s

How a Spy Changed Horror Movies

You may not know their names, but the theremin and the wilhelm scream are ubiquitous in horror films. Today, Danielle and special guest Dr. Emily Zarka tell the spooky tales of how these iconic sounds ended up in your favorite movies!

11m 39s

When did the News Start?

We all have news cycle fatigue. If it’s not struggling to find reliable sources online, then it’s figuring out how to sift through the myriad of competing (and sometimes conflicting) headlines that roll across our TV screens, cell phones and social media accounts. But when did the news become integral to our lives?

6m 27s

Why Did We Plant a Flag on the Moon?

Why did Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin plant a flag on the moon? Moreover, why do astronauts and space agencies from across the world continually send their nations' flags to space? Today, Danielle traces the history and symbolism of flags around the world and examines their use in colonial expansion - both on Earth and in the stars.

13m 12s

Do We Still Need Libraries?

In the internet age what's the point of libraries? Do we even still need these brick and mortar buildings when a lot of knowledge can be found online? Today, Danielle examines the history of libraries around the world and what role they still play in society.

11m 23s

Why Do We Have Housing Projects?

What's the history behind public housing? Why do governments all over the world subsidize housing for the public. Today, Dannielle look at the evolution of housing projects and how the government got into the landlord game.

12m 14s

Why Do Students Have So Much Debt?

Going to college in America ain't cheap with each semester costing thousands upon thousands of dollars. How do American students pay for this and how did the price tag get so high? Today, Danielle takes a dive into the student debt crisis and examines the good intentions that led to it.

10m 39s

Why Does the Government Pay for Art?

Is art a public good? Why is the government even paying for art in the first place? Today, Danielle explores the US government's history of commissioning art and how that lead to the NEA.

10m 11s

Why Do We Have Private Prisons?

The US imprisons more people than any other country in the world. Today, Danielle explores why so many Americans are incarcerated and why we've turned to private prisons to hold that population.

10m 52s

Why Are We Obsessed with Cults?

What is it about cults that captures the public imagination? Why are we so interested in the stories of Jonestown, Charles Manson, and Patty Hearst? Today Danielle explores how these groups entered the public consciousness and why we find it so hard to look away.

9m 6s

Why Do We Have Hobbies?

Where did the concept of a hobby come from? And how did humans turn the things they do purely for fun into side hustles and competitions that actually pay the bills?

12m 36s

Why are Patriotic Songs All the Same?

Why do so many anthems and patriotic songs from across the globe sound the same? Today Danielle joins forces with Cory from 12tone and Moti from The Ling Space to find out what makes a tune suitable for patriotic songs and how those songs are translated into other languages.

10m 6s

What is Racial Passing?

What motivates someone to disguise their race, gender, religion, etc.? Today Danielle explores the complicated history of passing in the United States.

9m 18s

What is Ethnicity?

What's the difference between race and ethnicity? Can a person have more than one ethnic identity? Today Danielle explores the history and evolution of different ethnicities that make up America.

5m 49s

Why Do We Have Middle Names?

We understand why we have first names and how our surnames tie us to our family heritage, but what's the deal with middle names? What's the purpose of a middle name and when did different cultures start using them?

10m 7s

Modern Warfare and Alien Invasions

What really crashed down to Earth in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947? Can we trust the government when they say it was just a weather balloon? Today Danielle looks at the history of alien conspiracies and what they teach us about the legacy of modern warfare, globalization, distrust of the government, and paranoia about foreign invaders.

9m 19s

What is Cultural Appropriation?

What is culture? Can it even be appropriated? Is there a difference between appreciation and appropriation? Join Danielle in the theoretical minefield!

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