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27m 50s

Season 31, Episode 9

Our bright lights are robbing wildlife of the night's natural darkness; two adventurers go by bike from Portland to the Oregon Coast; an aerial flight over Oregon's picturesque Willamette Valley.

26m 0s

Season 31, Episode 8

Discover what it takes to compete in the Eagle Cap Extreme dog sled races in northeastern Oregon; meet a fishmonger who brings the bounty of the Pacific from the docks of Newport to her loyal customers; enjoy a photo essay of orchard trees in blossom in the Hood River valley.

28m 17s

Season 31, Episode 7

Three stories from southeastern Oregon: a desert landscape that's loaded with lizards, a hotspot for glider enthusiasts and a campaign to save the sagebrush desert that involves repurposed pasta-making machinery.

25m 38s

Season 31, Episode 6

Meet a group who is helping make sure the feeling of joy that comes from skiing is available to everyone. That pink snow that appears in the mountain contains a secret: it's alive. Take a slow ride on a Willamette River ferry boat.

27m 4s

Season 31, Episode 5

An important West Coast fishery makes a comeback; a scenic mountain highway where cyclists get to ride, car-free; 5th-graders embrace science, learn about the ocean, and reach out to peers across the Pacific with boats of their own creation.

29m 7s

Season 31, Episode 4

Help celebrate Oregon Field Guide's award-winning work over the years: a Gracie Award-winning look at a coastal Oregon town where an elk herd has taken up residence; a NW Emmy-honored story about a packraft trek down a river that few have ever seen; go behind the scenes with our photographer Todd Sonflieth, who's been honored with a Silver Circle Award for lasting contributions to the TV industry.

29m 40s

Season 31, Episode 3

The narrow spit of land that separates Tillamook Bay from the Pacific Ocean was once home to a thriving resort known as "The Atlantic City of the West." Today, the area is a seldom-visited, well-kept secret recreation area administered by Tillamook County.

27m 12s

Season 31, Episode 2


The Nature Conservancy is inviting elk hunters onto its Zumwalt Prairie Preserve. Blacksmith Darryl Nelson brings old-time style and art to the magnificent Timberline Lodge. A photographic tour through the wintry landscape of Three Sisters Wilderness.

28m 58s

Season 31, Episode 1


Discover new species in Oregon caves. Join Oregon coast volunteers who sift the sand for micro-plastics. Meet a man who guards a pool on the Umpqua River where wild steelhead congregate. Enjoy a photo essay depicting morning in the coastal community of Garibaldi.

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