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4m 37s

Mt St Helens Crater

Fly into the 1980 crater of Mt. St. Helens and learn how volcanic forces are building a new lava dome as geologists train for the next volcanic eruption around the Pacific Rim.

5m 30s

Ape Cave

We’ll explore the third longest lava tube in the nation. Red hot lava built this cave during a massive explosion on Mt St Helens 2000 years ago.

5m 0s

Scraping Together Mt Olympus

This gorgeous mountain is not volcanic, but the accumulation of millions of years of ocean sediment pushed into a dazzling mountain range.

5m 0s

Teanaway Tropics

Palm trees in the center of Washington state? Yes, if you’re willing to go back 55 million years, when the Northwest was hot and humid.

4m 46s

Smith Rock Caldera

This Oregon landmark is now traced back to supervolcanic explosions related to the Yellowstone Hot Spot.

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