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4m 50s

Steamboat in the Desert

How did giant Steamboat Rock survive the powerful Ice Age forces that formed the Grand Coulee? Find out how ancient ice sheets and catastrophic floods carved one of the Northwest’s most iconic monuments.

4m 41s

Ice Age Mystery of Lake Lewis

Follow the trail that led geologists to find an ancient lake that submerged much of eastern Washington under 1200 feet of water in the Ice Age. Where did the lake come from and where did it go?

4m 24s

Puget Sound's Exotic Terranes

From the Deception Pass bridge you can see all the way to Mexico— but only if you look down. Learn how the exotic rock from the age of the dinosaurs made its way up the West Coast to the Salish Sea.

5m 11s

Giant Ripples in the Scablands

The fingerprints of rushing water rise from the desert as huge ripples of rocks. The patterns tell a story of the speed, depth, and breadth of the last major Ice Age Flood that surged down the Columbia River and carved the gorge at the famous Gorge Amphitheatre.

5m 20s

Goldilocks Miracle of the Palouse

Discover the Ice Age secret locked in the rich depths of the Palouse. Long thought to be “volcanic” soil, the real story begins instead with the rupture of Ice Age dams.

4m 53s

Ghost Forests

The record of the Northwest’s last cataclysmic earthquake is buried in the mud with only ancient trees to tell the story above ground. Follow the trail of the quake that dropped the coastline six feet and pushed a mega-wave all the way to Japan.

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