Play The Orphan Owl | Backyard Nature

Wildlife Filmmaker Ana Salceda made an unlikely companion during the coronavirus pandemic. After discovering a baby barn owl near her home in Spain, Ana decided to take action.

Play Mythbusting Opossum Facts | Backyard Nature

What's the difference between an opossum and a possum? Are opossums really disease-driven? Explore the myths and misconceptions about the misunderstood opossum with wildlife filmmaker Alex Goetz.

Play Tigers: Clawing Back | A NATURE Short Film

Poaching, habitat loss and climate change are among the many threats to Siberian Tigers in Russia and the world. A group of filmmakers and conservationists from WCS and Panthera attempt to answer the question: what does the future hold for one of the largest cats on earth? Take a look back at the efforts to preserve these tigers, from the 90s until today.

Play The Forager | Backyard Nature

Learn how to make dandelion and cat ear tempura with wildlife filmmaker Nim Pontecorvo as she forages through her backyard for edible wonders.

Play Caught On Camera | Backyard Nature

A bear in your backyard? Join wildlife filmmaker Joe Pontecorvo as he views footage from his backyard trail cameras in Washington State. Learn how easy it is to capture the spectacular wildlife around you.

Play Bush Baby Tenants| Backyard Nature

You think your upstairs neighbors are noisy? You haven't met these cute, nocturnal creatures living in the South African home of filmmakers Adrian Bailey and Robyn Keene-Young.

Play Living with Snow Leopards–Tashi’s Story: A NATURE Short Film

In the frigid Indian Himalayas, people manage to eke out a living alongside one of Asia’s most elusive cats: the snow leopard. Explore this fragile relationship through the eyes of Tashi, a local goat herder, and learn how his village has partnered with the Snow Leopard Trust to find ways to both live with and save one of the rarest cats on Earth.

Play Running With The Herd: A NATURE Short Film

Biologist Jack Hogg has been studying a herd of wild bighorn sheep on Montana’s National Bison Range for more than 35 years. When Jack’s herd gets infected with a deadly form of pneumonia, he goes in search of answers.

Play A Life Among the Clouds: A NATURE Short Film

Join Lisa Dabek and her team with Woodland Park Zoo’s Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program as they journey into the remote cloud forests of Papua New Guinea. Meet one of the most elusive creatures you will ever see in the wild – the Matschie’s tree kangaroo. See how the local people are helping to protect this rare marsupial and its forest home.

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