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Mossback's Northwest

The Centralia Tragedy | Bites

Mossback's Northwest

The Centralia Tragedy | Bites

1m 30s

In 1919, during an Armistice Day parade, a gun battle between Wobblies and the American Legion left five men dead.

Play Airships over the Klondike | Bites

Prospectors headed to the 1897 gold rush in Alaska had to bring tons of provisions with them. Some imagined the possibility of airships carrying freight and gold back and forth to the Klondike, and suddenly, airships were being "seen" all over the world.

Play Sir Thomas Beecham's Seattle "Dustbin" | Bites

Wealthy English aristocrat and musician Sir Thomas Beecham came to Seattle during WWII to be the Seattle Symphony's conductor for two years. Outspoken and fiery in temperament, he made a statement about Seattle's artistic life that stings citizens even today.

Play Northwest Oystermania | Bites

Tiny compared to other oysters, the Olympia was for decades raked out of Washington's beds by the ton, to feeding hungry gold diggers in California and Northwestern lumbermen.

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