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11m 31s

What's In My (Go) Bag?

In this special episode, Dr. Zarka shows you what’s inside her “go bag,” a kit of survival supplies she keeps on hand at all times. In this episode you’ll find out how the horror genre can inspire real-world preparedness and take a look at how humans throughout history use literature, film, and art as ways to explore (and even practice for) real-world pandemics and disasters.

12m 57s

The Crazed Hunt for the Himalayan Yeti

Dr. Zarka examines the yeti’s origins, from Tibetan folklore and religion to the Westernized abominable snowman version. She explains how Buddhist beliefs, a series of intrepid 20th-century explorers, and a creatively translated word make the yeti the creature we recognize today—and how it led to some pretty incredible scientific discoveries.

9m 9s

The Dark Origins of Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel is one of the most famous fairy tales of the Western world, and contains one of the most notorious witches. In this episode you’ll learn about witch trials in Germany, the role famine and poverty play in creating monsters, and how the Grimm brothers evolved oral folklore into legendary tales. The real story of Hansel and Gretel is even more scary than you think.

9m 54s

Leshy: The Slavic Lord of the Forest

He can grow higher than the trees, or smaller than a blade of grass. Both demon and deity, guardian and antagonist, the Leshy is rooted deep in the cultural and religious history of the Slavic people.

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