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Running the only commercial farm in rural Alaska

Tim Meyers and his wife Lisa run Meyers Farm in Bethel, Alaska. What started as a small produce stand for local residents has now turned into a large-scale commercial farm, which allows Tim to ship organic produce boxes to more than 50 villages in Alaska’s YK Delta. Historically, these villages have had very little access to fresh and affordable fruits and vegetables.

Available to viewers in US and Canada
5m 20s

This Aerial Silk Dancer Performs in the Alaskan Outdoors

Ten years have gone by since Aerialist, Stephany Jeffers fell in love with Aerial Acrobatics at a workshop at the University of Alaska Anchorage. After a few years studying Aerial in the lower 48, she returned to Alaska, but she found that there was no place to practice her silk.
What do you do when there is nowhere to fly? You make a bridge your Aerial rig and the Alaskan wilderness your stage.

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