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This Aerial Silk Dancer Performs in the Alaskan Outdoors

Ten years have gone by since Aerialist, Stephany Jeffers fell in love with Aerial Acrobatics at a workshop at the University of Alaska Anchorage. After a few years studying Aerial in the lower 48, she returned to Alaska, but she found that there was no place to practice her silk.
What do you do when there is nowhere to fly? You make a bridge your Aerial rig and the Alaskan wilderness your stage.

3m 4s

Meet the Cabbage Fairies of the Alaska State Fair

At the Alaska State Fair, not only will you find giant cabbages, but you will also find Ginny Lawton and five of her closest friends bringing some magic to the Giant Cabbage Weigh-Off as the Cabbage Fairies. What started as a fun way to participate in the weigh-off, has now become a tradition that many fairgoers look forward to.

3m 35s

From Mammoth to Kale: A look into gardening in the Arctic

The only permanent settlement of the Alaska Native Nunamiut, Anaktuvuk Pass relies on air shipments for produce, making it difficult to get fresh fruits and vegetables. Nasugraq Rainy Hopson founded Gardens in the Arctic, a gardening program that focuses on providing food for the community.

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