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Play Christian Politics

Conservative leaders, worried about a challenging 2018 campaign, are intensifying their appeals to evangelical voters frustrated with Washington. How do politics and Christianity get along in the age of Trump and an increasingly secular society?

Play The Gender Divide

What’s needed for the body politic to support a larger, uniting American identity, open to and shared by every race, color, creed and gender? And what has the #MeToo movement done to help or hurt this effort?

Play World Stage

Should America continue to exert its influence globally, and if so, what are the limits of power?

Play America in Black & White

Black identity has been at the core of America’s struggle to reconcile its past with a path ahead, but what is that road?

Play 2018 and Beyond

Do the Democrats or Republicans have the meat and message to win in the 2018 midterm elections? And how are leaders from both sides of the aisle working beyond the Washington gridlock to build coalitions of compromise?

Play The Futurists

Can technology and artificial intelligence solve long-standing global problems like disease and hunger? How will technologies fundamentally change humans and concepts like work and jobs?

Play Compassionate Leadership

What does humanitarian leadership mean today, and what principles will serve us going forward as a society and nation? Amy Holmes and Michael Gerson interview President George W. Bush and Arthur C. Brooks to find out.

Play Echo Chambers

Are political and media echo chambers cementing our own biases and eroding our nation’s ability to find common ground? Ideas that were once marginal can become politically mainstream almost overnight. Are there ways to come together around a new center? Can media serve a constructive role?

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