Play Your Last Meal

Rachel Belle, host of Your Last Meal podcast, digs into the history, science and culture of dishes with culinary anthropologists, fishmongers, cooks, astronauts — anyone who can help uncover the mysteries behind the foods we eat every day.

Play Worshipping Trump

A conversation about Evangelicals and the identity crisis they face after the Donald Trump presidency.

Play Animals & Us

Peter Singer, author of Animal Liberation, and Michelle Nijhous, author of the new book on the history of the conservation movement, Beloved Beasts, speak about sustainability and empathy for animals.

Play A Matter of Degrees

After the first 100 days of the Biden Administration, we evaluate how far they’ve come and where they appear to be going, specifically around the issue of climate change.

Play Washington State of the Pandemic

We discuss the latest Crosscut Elway poll, which surveyed our state to find out how we’re doing after such an unprecedented year, and speak about what we expect to come next.

Play Republican Reckoning

We check in with two conservative columnists with inside the beltway access, who explain how the Trump Presidency upended the Republican party and where this leaves Republicans now.

Play America's Gun/Anger Problem

Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy examines our violent history and obsession with firearms as he dissects the root of our national epidemic.

Play What Racism Costs Us All

Heather McGee speaks how racism connects our most complex public problems, from repeated financial meltdowns to expanding income inequity.

Play Fixing Democracy

We speak about it all: the filibuster, voting rights, the Senate and the Supreme Court. We also speak about how to fix some of the issues surrounding these topics.

Play Art in a Year of Unrest

A conversation with two local artists whose work has been affected and inspired by the tumult of 2020, reflecting back to us the story and the journey we’ve all been on, alone together.

Play This is Just Intermission

Joined by leaders from the creative community, we look at the arts and music industries, forever changed, but determined to return after COVID shutdowns.

Play Future of Cities

Richard Florida, founder of CityLab and author of recent book The New Urban Crisis, shares his thoughts on this pivotal moment for Seattle, and cities around the world.

Play Hard Truths: Racism & Allyship

In a live taping of Slate’s A-Word podcast, we speak with author Robin DiAngelo about her theory on the complicated role non-white should play in this work.

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