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1m 48s

Encouragement Jar

Daily encouragements help kids learn to support themselves when the going gets tough, as well as start the day off right! Your child can pull a card from their jar every morning or whenever she needs a boost.

1m 34s

Play a Storytelling Game

Each roll will designate an image on each of the three dice, which will become your story elements. Take turns telling a complete story by combining the three story pieces in any creative way you can.

1m 2s

Make a Hero Self Portrait

In each episode of Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum, Xavier, Brad, and Yadina travel back in time to meet real-life historical figures when they were kids themselves. Just like the historical figures in the series, your child has heroic qualities! Help your child understand what it means to be a hero and that there is a hero in every one of us.

0m 44s

Moon Rock Painting

In this activity, your child will recreate the texture of regolith and then use it to paint a paper moon.

0m 57s

Magnet Fishing

In this simple investigation, you and your child will explore small, common items in your house and determine if the magnet will stick to them.

1m 21s

Friction Racing

In this activity, your child will build a ramp and then use a toy car to test which of two surfaces has the least amount of resistance or friction.

0m 59s

Exploring Gravity with a Catapult

Use a combination of simple machines, a lever, and an axle to build a catapult, and then use the catapult to conduct a simple investigation showing that when things go up, gravity will bring them back down.

1m 3s

Shadow Play

Your child will use a flashlight to explore how blocking a light source can create different sizes of shadows, and then use this new knowledge of shadows to put on a shadow play.

0m 42s

See Sound Waves

Sound waves are invisible to our eyes; unless we find a way to make the sound waves move something that we can see. In this activity, your child will use different noise-making objects to cause sound waves and make sand visibly move.

0m 56s

Make a Bottle Thermometer

In this activity, you and your child will build a weather tool — a simple thermometer that can tell you whether it is warmer or cooler than when you last read it.

0m 57s

Flashlight Constellations

Your child will observe stars and see how these points of light can be grouped together to form the nighttime pictures or constellations.

1m 31s

Make Ocean Zones in a Jar

The vast ocean that surrounds us provides a great lesson in learning about density. Make a ocean zones jars so that you can clearly see the ocean layers and learn about liquid density in the process.

0m 58s

Twinkle Twinkle Letter Stars

Astronomers, the scientists who study stars, have divided the night sky into 88 official constellations. A “constellation” is a group of stars that form a recognizable pattern when viewed from Earth. Now you can create constellations in your home – while also teaching alphabet skills!

1m 7s

Build and Test Paper Bridges

Bridges are as diverse as the people and places they connect. Some bridges are strong enough to support the weight of cars, and some are built just for people and pets to walk across. But what determines a bridge’s strength? Investigate by constructing paper bridges and testing their weight limits with pennies.

1m 25s

Explore Gravity with Marble Runs

Bring the excitement of an amusement park into your home by building a marble roller coaster. The motion of marbles as they roll down ramps is a great way to learn about the pushes and pulls that cause objects to move. In this activity, you’ll create different tracks for a marble as you and your child experiment with the forces of friction and gravity!

1m 13s

Create Egg Carton Turtles

Instead of throwing away empty egg cartons, upcycle them into this easy and adorable turtle craft, while discussing sea turtles’ habitats and the importance of recycling.

1m 33s

Build a Worm Hotel

Start observing nature with this easy craft, giving earthworms a temporary “hotel” in a dirt-filled container.

1m 40s

Grow an Herb Garden

Learn about the basics of botany and plant growth by growing an herb garden with your child.

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