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27m 40s

Buzz Bissinger

We talk with Pulitzer-winning writer Buzz Bissinger, who is among the nation’s most honored and distinguished writers. His new memoir "Father's Day" details his relationship with his son, who was brain-damaged at birth.

26m 59s

Frank Deford

We talk with sportswriter and commentator Frank Deford. Deford, who has written 16 books, is a weekly commentator on NPR's "Morning Edition" and senior contributing editor at Sports Illustrated.

27m 21s

Mike Kirk

FRONTLINE producer Mike Kirk talks with us about the challenges of producing political documentaries.

26m 46s

Brandi Carlile

Singer/songwriter and Northwest native Brandi Carlile joins us to talk about her music career and her new album.

27m 44s

Bill Bradley

Former New Jersey Senator Bill Bradley joins us to discuss the issues he believes are threatening America's progress. He lays out the arguments in his new book "We Can All Do Better."

26m 46s

Delia Ephron

Delia Ephron is a best-selling author and screenwriter. She talks about her successful writing career and her new novel "The Lion Is In."

26m 55s

Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor was the first openly gay Episcopal dean in the United States. We talk with him about his new book, "A New Way to be Human: 7 Spiritual Pathways to Becoming Fully Alive."

26m 50s

Julia Bolz

Julia Bolz left her job as a Seattle attorney to build schools and educate young girls in war-torn Afghanistan. She talks about how and why she took on such a monumental challenge and her ongoing work for social justice in developing countries.

26m 46s

Albert Fisher

Join Albert Fisher, the former Director of Television and Motion Pictures for the 1962 Seattle World's Fair, as he shares his memories of President Kennedy, Elvis Presley, and much more. He was just 20 years old when he got the job which changed his life.

27m 28s

Gerry Alexander

Retired Chief Justice of the Washington state Supreme Court Gerry Alexander talks about his judicial career. He was the longest serving Chief Justice in state history.

26m 52s

Pramila Jayapal

Immigrant rights activist and OneAmerica Founder Pramila Jayapal talks about creating the Seattle-based organization, plus the hopes and challenges for immigrants in America today.

27m 25s

Shwetak Patel

University of Washington assistant professor Shwetak Patel was named a 2011 MacArthur Genius Award recipient at the age of 29. We talk with Patel about his work and what the MacArthur Award means to him.

26m 24s

Wael Ghonim

We talk with Wael Ghonim about the launching of his Facebook campaign to protest the death of an Egyptian man at the hands security forces and how it played a major role in a revolution that brought about the downfall of President Hosni Murbarak.

26m 47s

LeRoy Bell

Seattle singer and songwriter LeRoy Bell talks about his incredible year as a finalist on the hit television series "The X Factor" and its impact on his music career. He also performs some of his songs for us in the studio.

26m 46s

Doc Hendley

We talk with Doc Hendley, who founded the charitable organization Wine to Water that today provides clean water and sanitation in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. In 2009, he was selected as one of CNN's "Heroes" for his work.

27m 2s

David Horsey

David Horsey, Pulitzer Prize winning political cartoonist, joins us to discuss his decision to leave the Seattle P-I for a similar role with the Los Angeles Times, as well as the art of creating political cartoons and its role in journalism today.

27m 28s

Bill Marler

Attorney and food safety advocate Bill Marler talks about how his career has changed since the 1993 E. coli outbreak in Seattle and his ongoing fight for tough food-safety laws.

27m 29s

Pat Wright

The founder of The Total Experience Gospel Choir talks about how she became Seattle's first lady of gospel music.

26m 46s

Gifford and Libba Pinchot

We talk with Gifford and Libba Pinchot, founders of the Bainbridge Graduate Institute, the first graduate school of its kind to focus on business and sustainability. Gifford and Libba talk about their decision to create the program and the high expectations they have for their students to change the world

27m 16s

Steve Inskeep

Inskeep discusses his first book, "Instant City: Life and Death in Karachi" which tells the fascinating and complex story of Pakistan's most populated city. In his book, he chronicles the history, politics, religion, violence, and growth of Karachi.

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