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5m 12s

The Costume Shop

Austin Sanderson runs the Big Apple Circus costume department, where all of the costumes for the new season are designed and built from scratch. This means creating costumes with the performer's unique requirements in mind. By the dress rehearsal, Austin learns that some costumes need more work than others.

4m 45s

Christmas at the Circus

The entire company of Big Apple Circus comes together to celebrate the holidays, with dinner in the ring, a visit from Santa Clause, and a special musical presentation by an ensemble that includes Harmony French, Guillaume DuFresnoy, Sarah Schwartz, Olivier Taquin, and Don Covington.

2m 47s

Preview: Gladis and Luciano

Luciano and Gladis Anastasini, who are in charge of the year's dog act, are eighth generation circus. Both grew up in the circus, and it is the only life they have ever known - certainly, the only one they can imagine. They met and fell in love in the summer of '78. Now they live and travel in their eighteen-foot motorhome, with their two sons, Adriano and Brando, and their fourteen dogs.

4m 13s

Tommy Gets a Tattoo


Tommy Decoteau is known for his body art. The tattoos are memorabilia from important times in his life... and now, he's ready to get one that commemorates his new home, the Big Apple Circus.

0m 56s

Run Away to the Circus

Some people run away with the circus as an escape from their tangled lives. Others yearn for adventure. Members of the Big Apple Circus cast and crew share their reasons for joining the circus life.

3m 13s

Circus Potluck

Everyone is still getting to know each other in the first few weeks of Walden. And what better way to break the ice than a company-wide potluck, where everyone brings a dish that represents their native home?

1m 0s

Meet Steve Smith


The Big Apple's guest director takes his work seriously -- but not himself. He talks about why he loves the circus.

5m 2s

Cutting Down the Tightwire

In the weeks before the season premiere, the Big Apple Circus production team works long hours honing and tightening the program, a process devoted to rearranging acts and making tough decisions. Beloved wire walker Sarah Schwarz is devoted to her craft, so it wasn't easy when she was asked to cut her act down by two minutes -- practically half the length.

4m 28s

The Early Years

Get to know co-founders Paul Binder and Michael Christensen, as they take you down memory lane to the early days of their partnership, long before the Big Apple Circus ever existed, when they were just a pair of street jugglers.

0m 58s

Meet Jake and Marty LaSalle


Jake and Marty LaSalle are one of the top juggling acts in the world. They talk about the time and dedication it took to develop their skills and what they are really thinking about while performing.

0m 44s

Behind the Trick: Wire Walking

The Big Apple Circus performer Sarah Schwarz doesn't just walk on the wire, she dances. It's an act requiring balance, concentration and grace. Watch Sarah in action and hear her describe what it feels like to perform her tightwire act.

2m 11s

Circus Kids

The circus world is a family affair and kids are as familiar a sight on the lot as trailers and tents. Some of the Big Apple kids (and adults) tell us what it's like to grow up in and around the ring.

2m 0s

The Big Apple Hits the Road

Each location on the circus tour has distinctive features, and its own set of challenges. But is it a foreboding omen that the first stop of the tour is Dulles, Virginia, where the terrain is -- literally -- rocky? Here, the show is still going through its growing pains, and everyone is working frantically to mount a high-caliber show for their first paying audience.

3m 5s

Clown Rehearsal


The Big Apple Circus' trio of clowns, Glen, Mark and Barry, are tasked with creating clown bits to be sprinkled throughout the show. It's a tough process and you're never sure what's funny until the moment of truth — when you're in front of an audience that's either laughing with you or just staring blankly at you.

2m 44s

Preview: Barry Coaches Glen

Veteran clown and Big Apple Circus icon, "Grandma" aka Barry Lubin, shows circus newbie Glen Heroy the ropes of performing in a circus ring. Can Glen pull off a Big Apple signature routine, called "lead-a-band" as they would like him to?

3m 4s

Meet La Luz


Big Apple Circus electrician Raul Lancheros, affectionately nicknamed "La Luz," used to fly trapeze before a career-ending injury forced him to find other means of work. As a teenager, La Luz ran away to join the circus, and hasn't seen his family since. After years of searching, La Luz finally locates his family and anxiously looks forward to a reunion that's 50 years in the making.

1m 9s

Meet Paul Binder


Big Apple co-founder "Mr. Paul" is both the leader of the troupe and one of its most recognizable personalities in the ring.

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