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25m 28s

Wilderness Day

Low glowing sun behind layers of thick, succulent foliage and ground cover.

25m 38s

Lake at the Ridge

Guest artist Steve Ross shares his talents in this pretty mountain masterpiece.

25m 34s

Balmy Beach

Bob Ross drops a tropical seascape onto the canvas just before revealing a seashell shape.

25m 40s

Evergreen Valley

Bob Ross layers will make you want to paint this verdurous mountain scene.

25m 24s

Trail’s End

A cloudy big sky and a dense forest are the cozy background for this Bob Ross creation.

25m 26s

Cabin in the Hollow

A snowy blue and purple masterpiece with an old wooden home will make you a believer.

25m 32s

Winding Stream

Bob Ross paints a layered landscape that will make your day quiet and comfortable.

27m 42s

Pastel Seascape

A sky of pink and yellow, blue water with white caps and a shoreline of sand dunes fill this Bob Ross painting of a dynamic ocean view, all framed in an oval shape.

27m 22s

Deep Wilderness Home

Bob Ross paints a picture of solitude featuring a lone mountain cabin standing near the edge of a cliff with a waterfall spilling into the stream below.

27m 34s


This landscape painting with mountains in the background, plentiful fir trees and a lake flowing alongside the embankment is given a distinctive touch as Bob Ross overlays the painting with two bold white borders.

27m 34s

Purple Haze

Bob Ross paints with wonderful colors of blues, pinks, purples, greens and golds.

27m 33s

Russet Winter

Bob Ross paints a haven from the cold of winter and threatening skies.

27m 54s

Countryside Oval

Bob Ross paints ponds, foliage and mountains against a blue sky dotted with puffy clouds.

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