Play E4 | Wood Floors, DIY Ice Rink | Ask This Old House

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Mauro Henrique demonstrates the best technique for removing dried, old paint from a paintbrush to keep it working properly; Tom Silva explains to Kevin O'Connor how tongue and groove flooring works and the best techniques for installing it in a room; Jenn Nawada and Nathan Gilbert team up to help a homeowner build and install a DIY ice skating rink in her background for her kids.

Play E3 | Hole Patches, Threshold Repair | Ask This Old House

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Jenn Nawada discusses some creative uses for plants as ground cover options in a garden design; Tom Silva demonstrates different techniques for patching holes in a wall; Mark McCullough demonstrates how to patch holes in brick and mortar to make it blend with the rest of the brickwork; Nathan Gilbert helps a homeowner with a complicated door opening install a new threshold with weatherstripping.

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Play E2 | Durable Landscape, Cutting Board | Ask This Old House

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Richard Trethewey explains the various options available to homeowners for purchasing or renting a water heater; Jenn Nawada works with a homeowner who lives on a corner lot create an attractive, durable landscape that can withstand the heavy pedestrian traffic; In Build It, Tom Silva and Kevin O'Connor build a cutting board out of walnut, cherry, and maple to create a 3D cube design effect.

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