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23m 43s

Polybutylene, Squeaky Door | Ask TOH

Ross and Richard Trethewey discuss indoor air quality, what it is, and how to measure it; Richard travels to Richmond, Virginia to help a homeowner replace her polybutylene piping with conventional PEX; the team shares more Home Inspection Nightmares; Mauro Henrique explains which type of drop cloth he selects for which project; Tom Silva explains different methods for silencing a squeaky door.

23m 43s

Switch, Affordable Geothermal | Ask TOH

Heath Eastman replaces a standard toggle switch with a reproduction antique push button switch to match the rest of the house; Ross Trethewey travels to Albany, New York to explore ways to make drilling for and installing geothermal heat pumps more affordable for average homeowners.

23m 43s

Women’s Repair Class, Garden | Ask TOH

Tom Silva checks out a women’s only DIY class on building a footstool and discusses some of the unique challenges faced by women learning DIY skills; Jenn Nawada helps a homeowner select, place, and install plants for her terraced garden; the team discusses the ways homeowners and contractors should communicate to set appropriate expectations for home improvement projects.

23m 43s

Built-In, Dining Room Light | Ask TOH

Tom Silva repairs an old dining room built-in with hand tools and a bar of soap; the team shares more home inspection nightmares; electrician Heath Eastman makes his first house call to install a chandelier in a homeowner’s dining room.

23m 43s

Ductless Humidifier, Planters | Ask TOH

Tom explains the uses and purposes of different types of screws; Richard travels to Park City, Utah to install a whole house ductless humidifier; Ross and Richard discuss changes to electric bill payment structures; Jenn installs a front entry planter for a homeowner that will last through the winter.

23m 43s

Radiator, Fireplace Veneer | Ask TOH

Jenn teaches Kevin how to plant a small herb garden with a cocktail theme; a homeowner’s radiator sprung away from the pipe when he tried to replace the valve, so Richard heads to his house to help him reconnect it; Mark replaces a homeowner’s sloppy fireplace surround with a clean, thin brick veneer.

23m 43s

Nursery Paint, Record Stand | Ask TOH

Mauro paints a baby’s nursery using zero VOC paint; Richard tests out a new dryer that uses a heat pump to dry the clothes; Tom and Kevin build a record player stand out of oak plywood.

23m 43s

Sliding Barn Door, Dry Well | Ask TOH

Nathan travels to Birmingham, Alabama to install a sliding barn door in an open-concept loft apartment; Tom compares the qualities of different types of roofing materials; Ross explains the culprit behind damaged solar panels and how to prevent future damage; Mark installs a dry well for a homeowner with drainage issues in his backyard.

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