Play Hispanic, Latino, Latinx: What's in a name?

From Hispanic to Chicano to Latin@ to Latinx, the identifier for people in the Latin American diaspora has continued to evolve. Seattleites Louie Leiva, Inma Davis & Milvia Pacheco all have their own ways of identifying their heritage. Here, each community member shares thoughts on the emergence of the latest term, Latinx, and the larger psychological and sociological implications of such labels.

Play Ano ba yan? Two plays in Tagalog arrive on one Seattle stage

A group of local Filipino actors lead by director Lorna Velasco is producing and performing two short plays Tagalog, the main language spoken in the Philippines. We go behind the scenes of the rehearsal process, and into what it means to perform in the Tagalog language – the nuances of dialect and the importance to the community.

Play Through Theater, Students Grapple with School Shootings

Ballard High School's theater group stages two plays exploring the issue of school shootings and the aftermath on a community. Reflections from the student actors reveal insights on their day-to-day reality where the possibility of gun violence has become a norm.

Play 370 dance videos combined into one striking solo

If you know the prolific Seattle choreographer and dancer Mark Haim, the way you move is likely to be showcased in his new work. For his upcoming solo project, "Parts to a Sum," Haim asked over 430 people from his life, ranging from 1.5 to 93 years old, to send him five to 10 seconds of movement, which he is memorizing and performing in age order, from oldest to youngest.

Play Artist Markel Uriu and her 12,000 paper starlings

Through intricate large scale weavings and installations, artist Markel Uriu illuminates the subject of invasive species. “Part of what’s also interesting to me about invasive species is the fear of foreignness,” says the artist whose inspiration also connects to her Japanese grandmother's experience of incarceration during WWII.

Play A Love Letter to Dance

Performers Cipher Goings (tap), Tracey Wong (waacking), Liane Aung (contemporary), Sangeeta Naidu (Bollywood) and duo David Rue and Randy Ford (Contemporary) reflect on their connection to dance.

Play Light

From laserbeam installations to neon political signs, find out how artists have been harnessing to the ephemeral qualities of light to create bold statements about the natural and artificial world.

Play Glass

Neither solid nor liquid, molded in scorching flames, and prone to shattering when cool, glass requires technical precision and a high degree of craft to mold into a creative vision. Learn about some of the Pacific Northwest’s iconic glass artists and find what out what compels these artists to embrace this dangerous and fragile process.

Play Water

The Pacific Northwest is surrounded by water - from the Puget Sound to Lake Washington to the 152 average annual days of rain - water defines us. Lee takes us on a tour of some of the iconic artistic works which have utilized water as a medium

Play Clay

Clay molds into many aesthetic incarnations. What’s the connection between wabi-sabi and the Pacific Northwest? How is clay sculpted and used as a metaphor for the body? Explore these questions and more.

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