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3m 30s

The Art of the Fight

Melodrama, marvel and masked fighters. ‚ÄčLucha Libre, a traditional form of wrestling from Mexico, is an athletic and theatrical feat.

3m 48s

The Art of Creating Light

Enter the world of Aaron Ridenour, Seattle Cinerama's lead projectionist, as he threads projectors with classic 70mm films and conducts the delicate dance between celluloid and audience. Most theaters have switched to an entirely digital, and often automated style of film projection, but as Ridenour revels, there's hidden beauty in the analog.

3m 1s

The Art of Designing Choice

When you step inside a climbing gym, you are immediately surrounded by colorful plastic holds, but who decides where they go? A team of setters at the Seattle Bouldering Project pulls back the curtain to revel the hidden inspiration and motivation for creating aesthetically appealing climbs that challenge the mind and body.

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