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10m 1s

Why is this Antarctic Glacier “Bleeding?”

Five stories high and emerging from the Taylor Glacier in the Dry Valleys of Antarctica, Blood Falls seeps into an ice-covered body of water called Lake Bonney. It’s one of the continent’s most enigmatic natural features and has fascinated scientists for decades. What makes it red? Does it always flow? And can anything actually survive near it?

10m 51s

How Antarctica’s Cutest Baby Seals Grow Up

Giving birth and raising young is particularly challenging in Antarctica’s extreme conditions, forcing Weddell moms and pups to bear sub-zero temperatures and prevailing winds. How do they manage to do it so gracefully? To find out, Caitlin and Arlo travel to a seal colony during pupping season. Footage of seals was obtained under the authority of NMFS MMPA permit nos.1032-1917, 17236, & 21158

14m 11s

Antarctica: Journey to the Bottom of the Earth

In the premiere episode of Antarctic Extremes, join hosts Caitlin Saks and Arlo Pérez as they follow in the footsteps of the brave scientists that have made McMurdo Station their research base and second home. 5 days, 12,000 miles, and 7 time zones with hundreds of pounds of camera gear in tow, Caitlin and Arlo temporarily leave their day jobs and go on a journey to the bottom of the world.

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