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Melinda Gates on the Pandemic's Toll on Women

Getting vaccines to the developing world has been a top priority with Melinda Gates. She is especially aware of the heavy toll the pandemic is taking on women, whose jobs are twice as vulnerable in this crisis to those of men. She takes up these issues in her book "The Moment of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes the World." She joins Walter Isaacson to discuss.

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The Threat of Domestic Terrorism Leading up To Inauguration

President-elect Biden says that come Wednesday, America will start a new chapter. But the country is facing a homegrown threat in the days leading up to the inauguration. Washington, D.C. is in lockdown as officials warn of the potential for domestic terrorism. Journalist Margaret Sullivan and former FBI agent Ali Soufan discuss online disinformation and domestic terror.

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The FBI's Ugly Obsession With Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The FBI plays a vital role in protecting the American homeland. Why did the agency abuse its authority to spy on one of the country's greatest civil rights leaders? That question is at the heart of a new documentary titled "MLK/FBI," which examines the Bureau’s ugly obsession with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Director Sam Pollard joins the show on King’s birthday to discuss his film.

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ProPublica Reporter Calls For Vigilance of Far Right Groups

With security at an all time high for President-elect Biden’s inauguration next week, the FBI is warning that armed far right protesters could hit cities across all 50 states. ProPublica reporter A. C. Thompson has been tracking far right movements for years. He tells Hari Sreenivasan which groups were at last week's riot at the U.S. Capitol and what to look out for in the future.

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Actor Nnamdi Asomugha Discusses "Sylvie's Love"

Nnamdi Asomugha is a former NFL cornerback who took up acting thirteen years ago. Now he is starring in Amazon’s latest period romance, "Sylvie’s Love," playing an up-and-coming saxophone player who falls in love. Asomugha joins the program to discuss the project and what drew him to it.

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Fmr. Rep. Francis Rooney Reacts To Second Trump Impeachment

The House voted to impeach President Trump on Wednesday, making him the only president in history to be impeached twice. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has not ruled out voting to convict, marking a change in his thinking compared to last year. Christiane discusses all this with Francis Rooney, who served as a Republican congressman until early this year.

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Why Gideon Saar Is Running Against Benjamin Netanyahu

Gideon Saar was a previously a member of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party and a cabinet secretary in his government, but he has now broken away to form his own political faction, New Hope. He is now the candidate with perhaps the best chance of ousting Netanyahu as prime minister. He joins the program to explain why he is running.

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Social Media “Companies Have Blood on Their Hands"

What responsibility does Silicon Valley bear for last week’s Capitol Hill riot? Roger McNamee was an early investor in Facebook and an adviser to Mark Zuckerberg and now has written a damning article for Wired: “Platforms Must Pay for Their Role in the Insurrection.”

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The Inspiration Behind the New Movie "News of the World"

The new movie "News of the World" captures a deeply fractured America from an earlier age. It’s the first western from director Paul Greengrass, best known for the Bourne films and "Captain Phillips." The story follows a Civil War veteran -- played by Tom Hanks -- who comes across a young orphan girl and sets out to reunite her with her family. Greengrass joins the show to discuss the film.

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Rep. Elissa Slotkin Discusses Impeachment

Today, Democrats and some Republicans sought for a second time to oust him from office and prevent him from running again. President Trump has been charged with “incitement of insurrection,” and a number of Republicans are crossing the aisle in voting to impeach. Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin of Michigan says the president broke the solemn oath in which he promised to defend the Constitution.

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Jeff Flake: No Republicans Truly Believed In Election Fraud

The GOP is doing some major soul searching after last week’s violent insurrection at the Capitol. What's next for a party that has been dominated by Trumpism these past four years? Jeff Flake, who left the Senate in 2018, was one of the few Republicans to speak out against the President. He speaks with Michel Martin about what lies ahead.

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What's Going Wrong With Vaccine Distribution

January is expected to be the deadliest month of the pandemic in the U.S., a fact that underlines the importance of fast and effective vaccine distribution. But is the rollout proceeding in the right way? To discuss the state of the pandemic and what the near future holds, Christiane speaks with medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen.

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Why Ugandan President Museveni Wants A 6th Term In Office

This week's presidential election in Uganda sees 38-year-old Bobi Wine taking on President Museveni, who’s been in power for 35 years. The run-up has been violent, and today the government banned social media platforms crucial to Wine’s campaign. In addition, Wine says the army raided his home and arrested his security staff. Christiane puts all this to President Museveni himself.

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Threats to National Security Leading Up to the Inauguration

Today Democrats moved forward with efforts to formally urge Vice President Pence to invoke the 25th amendment, while tomorrow they consider an unprecedented second impeachment. Meanwhile, the FBI warns that the U.S. Capitol and all 50 statehouses could be the site of “armed protests” leading up to inauguration. To discuss all this, Christiane speaks with former DHS official Juliette Kayyem.

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Newly Elected Rep. Nancy Mace on Last Wednesday's Violence

The president now stares down the barrel of a second impeachment, as House Democrats introduce a resolution charging him with inciting an insurrection. House Republicans remain deeply divided over whether to punish the president. When the U.S. Capitol was attacked, Nancy Mace had been in office just three days as the newly elected congresswoman from South Carolina. She joins the show to discuss.

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Montana Senator Jon Tester: It Was Absolutely a Coup Attempt

Senator Jon Tester of Montana was in his office, just a stone’s throw from the Capitol, when rioters attacked, and he calls Wednesday’s event “a terrorist act.” Aside from being a third-term lawmaker, Tester is the Senate’s only working farmer – a job that gives him a unique perspective on how Democrats might appeal to rural America. He joins Walter Isaacson.

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The Importance of Vaccines Throughout History

Nearly 9 million Americans have received their first dose of the vaccine, while President-elect Biden received his second dose today. Dr. Peter Salk was just nine years old in 1953 when he got his polio vaccine, which was developed by his own father, Jonas Salk. Now an infectious disease expert himself, Peter Salk joins the show to discuss the importance of vaccines, then and now.

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The Significance of Social Media Banning Trump

The social media platforms that provided the megaphone for President Trump are now taking action by blocking the president – which raises another issue. What is the appropriate role of unelected business organizations in politics and free speech? Where’s the bar for hate speech, or incitement? And how effective can a ban be? No journalist is better plugged into this world than Kara Swisher.

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Lincoln Project’s Rick Wilson Reacts to Wednesday's Riot

Following Wednesday's riot at the U.S. Capitol, the Lincoln Project is joining calls for President Trump to resign or be removed from office. Its co-founder Rick Wilson calls the violence “sedition and insurrection,” and speaks with Hari Sreenivasan about what’s at stake.

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A Rare Interview with Afghanistan's President and First Lady

One of the biggest issues being inherited by President-elect Biden is Afghanistan -- the site of America’s longest war. Just hours before the assault on the U.S. Capitol, Afghanistan’s president and first lady joined Christiane for an exclusive interview about the war, peace talks, coronavirus, and what relations with America will look like under President Biden.

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