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Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein on the Situation in Myanmar

Myanmar de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi is in The Hague this week, defending her country over charges of genocide. Not so long ago, she was considered an icon of democracy, but her international support plummeted after she continued to stand up for her army when it was accused of genocide against the Rohingya population. Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein joins the program to discuss her fall from grace.

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Frans Timmermans on the EU's New Green Deal

Today closes the COP25 climate summit in Madrid. Frans Timmermans is in charge of the climate brief in the European Union, and has formulated a “Green Deal” to make his the first climate neutral continent from 2050. He joins the program from COP25 to lay out his plan and explain why the U.S. must do more.

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Yoni Appelbaum on Changing Demographics in the US

The Atlantic Magazine is devoting its December issue to a special report called “How to Stop a Civil War,” looking at a country they say is “coming apart.” Yoni Appelbaum is a senior editor at the magazine, and his article “How America Ends” explores the demographic shift changing the country’s very fabric and its impact on politics today. He speaks with Hari about a cautionary tale for our times.

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Daryl Davis on Befriending Members of the KKK

African American musician Daryl Davis has played with some of the leading music legends of the twentieth century, but he has also spent the past thirty years engaging in something quite remarkable: meeting, and in some cases befriending, members of the Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacist groups. He tells Hari how he has helped more than 200 KKK members renounce their ideology.

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Sherrod Brown on the Senate's Role in Impeachment

As soon as next week, Congress plans to vote on whether to impeach President Trump. If the vote passes, he will be the third president in American history to be impeached, and the case will move to the Senate for a trial, with the senators acting as jurors. Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown discusses how this affects the American people.

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Jeremy Hunt on Thursday's General Election in the UK

Today in the U.K., party leaders have been frantically canvassing for votes on the last day of campaigning before Thursday’s general election. Brexit is top of the agenda, with other issues like climate and Britain’s National Health Service not far behind. Conservative politician Jeremy Hunt joins the program in London to discuss where his party stands as the country prepares to vote.

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An Exclusive Interview with Michael Bloomberg

Two weeks after entering the 2020 race for president – and with some catching up to do – billionaire Michael Bloomberg is perhaps not where you’d expect: he’s in Madrid, attending the COP25 climate summit. Christiane speaks exclusively with him in Madrid to discuss climate, impeachment and why he thinks he’s best placed to defeat President Trump.

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John Avlon Assesses Bloomberg's 2020 Chances

To assess Michael Bloomberg’s chances and the state of the presidential race, Christiane speaks with political analyst John Avlon, who also happens to be the former speechwriter for another previous New York mayor, Rudy Giuliani.

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Dexter Filkins & Rana Ayyub Discuss the Situation in Kashmir

In August, the disputed territory of Kashmir – split between three nations – was thrown into chaos when India stripped it of its special autonomous status. Soldiers filled the streets, and in the communications blackout it was hard to know exactly what was going on. New Yorker staff writer Dexter Filkins and journalist Rana Ayyub give Christiane firsthand accounts of the situation.

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Christine Quinn & Daniel Russo on Homelessness and Education

According to federal data, more than a million students in the U.S. public school system are homeless. Christine Quinn is currently president and CEO of “WIN," New York City's largest provider of services to homeless women and children. She joins the program with Daniel Russo, a school principal in the Bronx in one of the poorest congressional districts in the country.

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Nicholas Lemann on the Current State of Economic Inequality

In his latest book, “Transaction Man," veteran journalist and author Nicholas Lemann offers his take on the ideal of the American Dream – and why, for so many, it’s dying. Power, he says, has shifted away from government and corporations towards the financial sector. He joins Walter to explain the key points of his book.

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Patrick Gaspard on George Soros and Anti-Semitic Tropes

George Soros has spent years working to promote democracy in Ukraine and other emerging east European democracies, and along the way has become the target of conspiracy theories portraying him as trying to undermine the president. Patrick Gaspard is president of the Soros Open Society Foundations, one of the world’s largest philanthropies, and he joins the program to discuss.

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Bernardine Evaristo Discusses Her Booker Prize Win

This year, Bernardine Evaristo became the first black woman – and Britain’s first black author ever – to win the prestigious Booker Prize. She won it jointly with Margaret Atwood, almost forty years since beginning her career as a writer seeking to elevate unheard voices and narratives. She joins Christiane in London to discuss what her win means to her.

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Farnaz Fassihi on Crackdown Against Protestors in Iran

Well over 200 people have been killed in a brutal crackdown against protestors in Iran, according to Amnesty International, but the Trump administration claims the death toll could be over 1,000. Farnaz Fassihi has been closely documenting these unfolding events for the New York Times, and joins the program to discuss her findings.

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Dread Scott on His Recreation of an 1811 Slave Rebellion

Artist Dread Scott says “you can’t understand American society if you don’t understand slavery.” His latest work is a recreation of Louisiana’s German Coast uprising of 1811, the largest slave rebellion in the U.S. It involves over 500 people retracing the 26 mile route that was to lead them to freedom. Christiane speaks with Scott about the weight of the past for African Americans today.

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Christian Siriano Breaks Down His Iconic Designs

Christian Siriano is one of the United States' foremost fashion designers who is thriving at a time of major cutbacks in the industry. He’s best known for his breathtaking visual imagination and for championing body positivity and diversity, both on the runway and the red carpet. Alison sits down with Siriano to discuss some of his most iconic designs and why he’s happy to break the rules.

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Mia Love and Russ Feingold on Impeachment and Kamala Harris

The latest casualty in the Democratic presidential field was California Senator Kamala Harris, who had initially seemed one to watch, but this week abruptly dropped out of the running. To examine this and the impeachment hearings, Christiane speaks with a bipartisan duo: Democrat Russ Feingold and Republican Mia Love.

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Rory Stewart on Prison Sentencing & the London Bridge Attack

One week from today, U.K. voters go to the polls in the third major vote in five years. It’s set to be a particularly dramatic general election, with voters having to wrestle with Brexit, something that has completely polarized the country and its parties. Rory Stewart makes the case for why centrism needs to be re-energized and discusses prison sentencing in the U.K.

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George Church Talks Age Reversal and Woolly Mammoth DNA

George Church’s current projects range from growing human organs to resurrecting the woolly mammoth. The Harvard genetics professor is at the cutting edge of genetic experimentation, having helped develop the first method for sequencing a genome and the gene editing tool CRISPR. Church joins Walter to discuss this transformative technology and address the ethical issues in genetic engineering.

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