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Coronavirus: Why Social Distancing Saves Lives

To slow the spread of the coronavirus, or COVID-19, public health experts are telling us to stay home and practice “social distancing.” Think social distancing doesn’t matter if you’re young and healthy? Think again. It’s not about you-- it’s about protecting the community. And in this Above the Noise video, we get into why it’s so important, even if you’re not in a high risk category.

8m 53s

Is College Worth the Time and Money?

Schools usually say that college is the clear path to success. But is it really? With the cost of college rising every year, trade schools, apprenticeships and other work training programs could be a better option for some people. What do you think? Is college worth the time and money?

8m 10s

Immigration and Driver's Licenses in the U.S.: The Debate

The driver’s license is often a symbol of freedom, especially if you’re a teen getting one for the first time. PBS NewsHour student reporters from Northview High School in Southern California decided to investigate the debate happening around the country over whether people living in the U.S. illegally should be allowed to get driver’s licenses.

9m 29s

Would Universal Healthcare Really Work in the U.S.?

Not everyone in the U.S. can see a doctor without paying a LOT. Some people have insurance that covers most costs, but not everyone. And if you have a major accident or illness, you could end up bankrupt. Other countries cover everyone's healthcare for free, but some people think that changing the U.S.' current system would cause major problems. Should the U.S. have universal healthcare?

7m 15s

Are Video Games Really Making Us More Violent?

After tragic mass shootings, we often hear politicians blame violent video games, but the research doesn’t really support that claim. There’s little scientific evidence to suggest that playing violent video games leads to mass homicide or violence in real life. Instead the debate in the research field is about the role violent video games play on more minor levels of aggression.

9m 24s

What Will Happen If We Raise the Minimum Wage?

Minimum wage in the U.S. has been $7.25 an hour for the last 10 years. Raising it could lift low-income workers out of poverty, but it might also kill jobs and potentially hurt the economy. Should it be raised or should it stay the same?

8m 46s

Should Teachers Be Allowed To Carry Guns at School?

Traditionally thought of as gun-free zones, some schools are now allowing teachers to carry guns in classrooms— an effort that is meant to increase school safety, particularly when it comes to stopping school shootings. But this move is sparking controversy nationwide, as many opponents question whether arming teachers with guns would actually make schools safer.

8m 26s

Climate Change: How Doomed ARE We?

Climate change is THE existential question that humanity is facing. But are we too late? When it comes to climate change and our collective fate as humans on Earth, are you an optimist or a pessimist?

8m 55s

Is The Electoral College Killing Democracy?

There’s been 5 times in U.S. history where the guy who became president lost the popular vote, but won the electoral vote. And two of those times were just in the last 20 years. And with a new presidential election coming up, there’s lots of chatter about the value of the electoral college with critics asking is it time to get rid of the electoral college?

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