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7m 34s

Distance Learning Isn't All Bad....Is It?

The coronavirus is taking a toll on folks physically and mentally all around the world. As we continue to navigate through the pandemic, students are working virtually as the majority of schools nationwide are doing some form of distance learning. We teamed up with PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs at Black River Falls in Wisconsin to learn how students have been dealing with online learning.

8m 1s

Should We Fight Wildfires with... More Fire?

Living with catastrophic wildfires has become an unfortunate reality for much of the world. And climate change has made the fire season longer and more intense. Deliberately setting “good fires,” could help prevent future fires by clearing away unwanted brush and debris. But organizing controlled burns is a lot of work, and it has its risks, too.

9m 51s

Do the Crime, Do the Time…and Lose Your Vote?

If you’re a citizen and at least 18, you can vote in elections, right? Well, no. If you’ve been convicted of a crime, it’s possible that you could have that right taken away. It’s called felony disenfranchisement. This episode explores the debate over whether or not a felony conviction should cancel your right to vote.

8m 43s

Is It Too Hard to Vote in the U.S.?

Americans face many obstacles when it comes to voting and it reflects in our voter turnout numbers. The process of getting registered and getting to the polls isn’t the same for everyone and depending on where you are it can make voting really hard and these hurdles can discourage people from voting all together. voting too hard in the U.S?

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