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2m 41s

Web Extra: When Mules Ruled the Canal


Tour boat operator Jerry Gertz explains the crucial and often forgotten role played by the mules that pulled barges and boats along the Erie Canal in its early days.

2m 45s

Web Extra: Honoring Crazy Horse


Lula Red Cloud, great-great-granddaughter of Oglala Lakota Chief Red Cloud, explains what she sees as the relevance of honoring Lakota warrior Crazy Horse with a larger-than-life monument in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

3m 55s

Web Extra: Meet the 54th Regiment Reenactors


Benny White of the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry talks with Geoffrey Baer about the experience of being a Civil War reenactor in the 54th Regiment. “You feel the history of what our ancestors did,” he says.

3m 14s

Web Extra: Jan Scruggs' Journey


Jan Scruggs, the driving force behind the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, recounts the ways that the monument has helped him heal his war wounds.

3m 25s

Web Extra: Segregation on Streetcars


Richard Campanella, professor of architecture and geography at Tulane University, talks about segregation in New Orleans, and how “separate but equal” accommodations came to be institutionalized.

1m 16s

Web Extra: Van Buren vs. Horse


Road historian Dan Marriott recounts the story of a gaffe for the ages, in which former President Martin Van Buren fell from his horse-drawn carriage in Indiana, delighting supporters of the National Road. During his presidency, Van Buren had opposed appropriations for the highway.

2m 58s

Web Exclusive: Riverside, IL

Learn more about Riverside’s design in Geoffrey Baer’s extended interview with Chicago cultural historian Tim Samuelson. Photo credit: Riverside Historical Museum.

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