6:30 AM
30 Mins
Lend Me Your Ear; The Butler Did It
Mr. Ratburn isn't acting like himself, which has Arthur, Buster and Brain worried; Mr. Crosswire gets a robot butler for Father's Day.
7:00 AM
30 Mins
Molly of Denali
Going Toe to Toe With a Dinosaur; Sassy Ladies on Ice
Molly and Vera visit an excavation site, where they make a discovery; the Sassy Ladies of Saskatoon search for a glacier.
7:30 AM
30 Mins
Alma's Way
All About Alma; Alma's Playdate
Alma is consumed with her starring role in a musical; Alma and Harper have a playdate at the Rivera house.

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8:00 AM
30 Mins
Wild Kratts
The Vanishing Stingray
Martin and Chris search for a creature with amazing hiding powers -- the stingray -- for a game of Creature Hide and Seek.
8:30 AM
30 Mins
Curious George
George and the Guide Dog; Whatever Floats Your Boat
George meets a Service Dog and her seeing eye friend; George wants to float supplies downstream to Bill who is camping out, but he doesn't have a boat.
9:00 AM
30 Mins
Work It Out Wombats!
Crab Quakes; Hopping Helpers
The Wombats track down a scary-weird sound that has frightened Carly, CeCe and Clyde; the Wombats become "Hopping Helpers" for a day.
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9:30 AM
30 Mins
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
The Lemonade Stand; Mad at the Beach
Daniel and Prince Wednesday make a lemonade stand together but disagree about how to hand out the lemonade; Daniel and Miss Elaina get mad when their sandcastle is knocked down by a wave.
10:00 AM
30 Mins
Sesame Street
Kind Alan
Elmo, Rosita, and Julia are disappointed that plans changed and they can't have story time with Alan at the moment; to pass the time, they paint pictures of all the kind things Alan has done for them.
10:30 AM
30 Mins
Rosie's Rules
Rosie Gets Moving; The Flying Disc Dilemma
Rosie, Javi and Papa use different kinds of transportation to bring Tia her lucky spoon before her train leaves; Crystal's disc gets stuck in a tree.
11:00 AM
60 Mins
Exploring Ireland With Michael
Irish singer Michael Londra uncovers Irish destinations steeped in culture and history, meeting local artisans and sampling traditional cuisine along the way.
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1:30 PM
90 Mins
Burt Bacharach's Best (My Music Presents)
Footage and clips from the 1960s-1970s feature original artists performing Burt Bacharach's music. Songs include "Walk on By" by Dionne Warwick, "What's New Pussycat" by Tom Jones and "The Look of Love" by Dusty Springfield.
6:00 PM
30 Mins
PBS News Weekend
Analysis of national and international news, as well as in-depth reporting on topics ranging from education and politics to technology and finance.
6:30 PM
30 Mins
Opportunity Knock$
Community Support
Families strengthen their financial resilience and independence by visiting resources in their communities.
7:00 PM
60 Mins
Antiques Roadshow
Did Grandma Lie?
A 1900 Mark Twain letter; a ruby and diamond bracelet; a Babe Ruth and Honus Wagner signed baseball.
8:00 PM
45 Mins
Hope Street
Callum discovers that his girlfriend is telling him a pack of lies; Finn faces the most difficult decision of his life.
9:00 PM
50 Mins
The Archivist
Straczek is appointed Deputy Chief and wants to force Henryk into retirement.
10:00 PM
50 Mins
Love, Inevitably
Episode 10
After a night together, Massimo disappears, and Candela believes he has defected.
10:50 PM
10 Mins
Human Elements
The Guardians
The Wei Wai Kum use Indigenous practices of eco-cultural restoration in a modern way.
11:00 PM
60 Mins
Our Miracle Years
Eduard Wolf is on trial for war crimes and Ulla wants to prove his innocence.