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KCTS 9 Passport has arrived in Canada! More than 1,000 hours of drama, documentaries and KCTS 9 exclusives are now available. This on-demand access will allow you to stream full seasons of many of your favorite series, from your favorite Masterpiece dramas to landmark documentaries from Ken Burns to cutting edge science programs and more.

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NOTE: Not all seasons or episodes of each series are available for streaming in Canada.

Passport in Canada: A to Z

Cook's Country

Family recipes from every corner of America are re-imagined for home cooks everywhere.

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali brings to life the boxing champion who became an inspiration across the globe

It's Lit!

It’s Lit! is a series of smart, funny video essays from PBS Digital Studios.

Future of Work

Is the promise of employment --part of the American Dream – still the future of work?


Independent filmmakers present unique stories and characters with a point of view.