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11:30 AM
30 Mins
Pinkalicious and Peterrific
Jumping for Joy; Music Is Everywhere

Peter thinks he's too short for fun activities so he makes shoes that allow him to jump really high; Pinkalicious spots a pinkatoo, a rare music-loving bird that hasn't been seen in Pinkville for 53 years.

12:00 PM
30 Mins
Hubert Keller: Secrets of a Chef
Eating Las Vegas: From Old to New

The Italian restaurant Piero's, known for osso bucco, pasta and desserts; the modern Cosmopolitan Hotel; a tasting at Momofuku, whose cuisine is tailored to the tastes and lifestyles of Las Vegas diners.

12:30 PM
30 Mins
America's Test Kitchen From Cook's Illustrated
Something Hearty, Something Light

Beef top loin roast with potatoes; metal spatulas; chopped carrot salad with fennel, orange and hazelnuts.


New shows from down under

Stream our collection of Australian shows: 8MMM, Back Roads, Catalyst, Foreign Correspondent and Redfern Now exclusively on KCTS 9 Passport.

1:00 PM
30 Mins
Crosscut Presents Mossback's Northwest: History Stands Still for No One

Host Knute Berger's commentary about the region's stories.

1:30 PM
60 Mins
Escape to the Chateau
Harvest Time

It is harvest time at the chateau, but it is also time for family wheelbarrow races, to give the basement a swish makeover, and to convert the old piggery into a chicken coop.

2:30 PM
90 Mins
Black Ice

When a popular and well-loved member of a coastal community is violently and deliberately run off the road, DCI Vera Stanhope investigates the victim's past if she is to stand any chance of finding their killer.

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4:00 PM
60 Mins
Midsomer Murders
The Killings of Copenhagen

When the boss of Calder's Biscuit Company is murdered in Copenhagen, Barnaby and Nelson join forces with two female Danish detectives.

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5:00 PM
30 Mins
BBC World News Outside Source

Host Ros Atkins pulls real-time information onscreen through social media, news wires, data feeds, fact checks and more.

5:30 PM
30 Mins
BBC World News America

U.S.-targeted nightly newscast.

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8:00 PM
60 Mins
Midsomer Murders
The Dagger Club

The manuscript of a new novel by a deceased crime writer is stolen; a woman is electrocuted at a roulette wheel.

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9:00 PM
120 Mins
Prime Suspect
The Lost Child

Tennison investigates the case of a convicted child-molester accused of killing a baby.

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