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Closing the Tech Gender Gap


SciTech Now

Closing the Tech Gender Gap

7m 2s

Only about a quarter of all computer scientists in the U.S. are women, and Seattle, Washington, considered to be a U.S. Tech hub, has one of the widest tech gender gaps in the country. In this segment, we take a look at efforts to level the playing field for women in tech in Seattle.

6m 15s

Got Your Cat Tongue?

Ph.D. student Alexis Noel studies feline tongues, and has discovered interesting qualities.

5m 38s

SCI Institute

The SCI Institute at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City is treating patients with Parkinson's Disease and movement disorders who have implanted pacemakers through the use of iPad apps.

3m 51s

Ainissa Ramirez

Self-proclaimed science evangelist Ainissa Ramirez breaks down why leaves change colors

7m 24s

Reaching for the Stars

Two Grand Valley State University students' passion for space inspired them to create a local astronomy club.

7m 34s

Holographic Principles

Thomas Lin is the Editor In Chief of Quanta Magazine and the Editor of two math and science books, “The Prime Number Conspiracy” and “Alice and Bob meet the wall of fire”. He joins Hari Sreenivasan to discuss how holographic principles are unlocking the secrets of our universe.

3m 52s

The Programmers Of The Future

Students at Canyon High School in California, are introducing computer science and engineering to students at a younger age, giving them real world experience but also allowing their creativity to shine. This segment is part of American Graduate: Getting to work, a public media initiative made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting.

4m 23s

V-R Meets The E-R

V-R meets the E-R, Virtual Reality is no longer just for video games. The Medical Industry is utilizing the Technology to teach students how to react during health emergencies. Let’s see how researchers at the University of Texas at San Antonio are using the V-R System.

4m 56s

Plants and Climate Change

Is climate change affecting how plants reproduce? That's the question behind a project launching at San Diego State and 18 other California Universities. Here's a look at the scientists taking part in this critical research to understand the relationship between what our local plants tell us about global issues.

4m 56s

Breakthrough in Alzheimer's Disease

Cutting edge research into brain activity patterns that affect stuttering could lead to breakthroughs in optimizing brain functions for a wide variety of people including Alzheimer's patients. We go to the University of Texas at San Antonio cognitive neuroscience lab for a firsthand look at this research in action.

5m 26s

Turtle Rescues

Urban area developments like roads and even lawn equipment can destroy turtle habitats, making it harder for the slow animal to escape danger. Discover how a rescue team at North Carolina State University's College of Veterinary Medicine is using the latest medical techniques to rescue injured turtles.

8m 45s

Experiencing Space Tourism

Many of us dream of exploring space but few of us will ever have this opportunity. Space tourism however has opened the possibility for citizens to join astronauts at the International Space Station. Greg Olsen who celebrates the 13th anniversary of his almost 10 day space exploration joins Hari Sreenivasan now to discuss being the third space tourist to ever make the trip.

4m 42s

Drones In The Antarctic

San Diego California researchers are deploying new tools to study the Antarctic’s underwater food web and for the first time they're using autonomous drones to more safely explore the Antarctic underwater universe.

4m 38s

3-D Printing Tackles Cancer

Researchers at the University of Texas at San Antonio are developing tiny injectable three dimensional printed devices to deliver medicine to cancerous tumors inside the human body. Let's take a behind the scenes look at how these devices are conceptualized in the lab.

4m 2s

Tiny Coders

Code to the Future is a nationwide program that's taking the initiative to provide students with the tools to integrate computer science and coding in the classroom. Take a look at how this initiative is preparing students for the future of tomorrow. This segment is part of American Graduate, getting to work. A Public Media initiative made possible by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

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